Florida Poacher Busted With Illegal Snook Under False Bottom of Cooler

by Jonathan Howard

One Florida poacher thought he had the best way to illegally harvest snook. However, wildlife officials were a little more clever. Poachers think of all kinds of ways to hide their activities. Instead of abiding by the rules and the laws, they think they are above all of that. Fishing and hunting when done right is important to help maintain populations and healthy ecosystems. Using a false bottom on a cooler is not part of that maintenance.

It all came down to a helpful tip that Florida’s Fish and Wildlife officials received. Someone thought that there might have been someone catching snook and placing them in a cooler. When an officer arrived on scene, it didn’t look like there was anything…fishy…going on. That was until they took another look. Just when this poacher thought they were going to get away with their crime. That’s when the officer noticed the cooler didn’t look quite right.

It isn’t strange for fishermen to carry a cooler with some lunch provisions. It looked like it was just groceries, at first that is. Once the official took a closer look, they noticed an insert in the cooler. Judging by the picture that was posted to Facebook, it looks like they didn’t do a great job of making it look inconspicuous.

Check it out below.

In total, seven snook were taken from the Florida poacher.

“The person was issued numerous criminal citations for the violations,” the Fish and Wildlife post read. “The fish were returned to the water to become food for other marine life. Think you can outsmart our officers? Think again!”

If only folks could abide by the laws. Poaching just isn’t worth it and is an awful thing to do.

Florida Poachers Complicate Things for Wildlife

Down in Florida, poachers like this snook snatcher pose a great threat. There are many beautiful environments throughout the state and each one deserves to be protected and respected. There are rivers, lakes, streams, oceanfronts, swamps, and everglades. While there are lots of chances to legally enjoy the wildlife and hunt and fish, poachers make things hard on the environment.

It was just earlier in the year when a group of poachers was caught netting fish. And, it wasn’t just seven snook, either. This was a poaching ring that was doing serious damage. With illegal gillnets, the poachers were caught with 500 pounds of fish. In total, 10 were arrested for various crimes.

So, once again poachers are caught and dealt with. A false bottom in a cooler might make you feel like a clever criminal. However, it isn’t going to work. Especially with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Department. Don’t poach, don’t worry about getting caught. Simple as that.