Florida Proposes Allowing Alligator Hunting Around-the-Clock

by Victoria Santiago

Florida is considering extending the hours that alligators can be hunted. Hunting seasons are regulated and scheduled across the country. In Florida, for example, alligator hunting is limited to nighttime. Night is prime time to hunt alligators, as they are often more active after sunset.

Florida Fish and Wildlife is proposing adding daytime hours to the schedule, which would open up alligator hunting 24/7. The proposal was received with mixed reviews. Some hunting guides were in favor of adding daytime hours. It’s hard for some hunters to find the time to hunt at night. Allowing alligator hunting during the day will allow more people to hunt.

On the other hand, some hunters are worried that 24/7 hunting will lead to spoilage. There are almost 1.3 million gators in Florida.

Are New Hunting Hours Because of Increased Gator Attacks?

Above all, 24/7 hunting hours will maybe begin to tame Florida’s gator problem. Attacks seem to be on the rise, but gator fatalities are rare. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission states that in roughly 70 years (from 1948-2019), there have only been 413 unprovoked gator attacks. Over that same 70 years, there were 25 deaths caused by alligators.

Over the past 10 years, there’s been an average of seven unprovoked bites per year. This, of course, is referring to bites that need medical attention. Which, honestly, is just about all of them.

We see and hear about gators in Florida so often that it seems like danger is lurking around every corner. Be that as it may, the chance of death by a gator is slim to none. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s data all points to one thing: there’s about a 1 in 3.1 million chance that you’ll have a deadly encounter with a gator.

Even with those odds, if you’re braving gator territory (aka the entire state of Florida) it’s important to stay aware. Alligators have no issues putting themselves into every part of Florida life. Everywhere that we go, gators go. We even see them in houses, in pools, and now, hiding under cars.

Florida Alligator Hides Under Car, Family Unaware

A simple task like walking to your car at night could change your life forever. One Florida man almost experienced this firsthand, as a gator hid under his car late one night. Probably not the kind of surprise guest you want to see in your parking lot.

The six-foot alligator made itself right at home at an apartment complex in Collier County. The gator walked into the Immokalee Apartments parking lot and hid under a car. It just so happens that the owner of the car was on his way to get something out of the vehicle. He had no idea the gator was there.

As luck would have it, Collier County police deputies saw the gator crossing the road and were able to intercept before anyone got hurt. The State Alligator Trappers were able to respond to the scene and remove the gator, before taking it somewhere more “suitable.” If gators think that parking lots are ideal resting places, we should probably add that to our list of things to check when we go out.