Florida Python Hunter Fights Off Snake With His Mom

by Matthew Wilson

One mother and son duo had quite a holiday week. They traded that turkey for a giant python instead. A snake hunter helped free a python with dear old mother. Where did this adventure happen? Where else but Florida.

As readers may know, Florida is full of snakes, alligators, and other reptiles. And Mike Kimmel has made a name for himself with an affinity for the cold-blooded creatures. In fact, he calls himself the Python Cowboy on account of his snake wrangling.

In fact, snakes may be a family obsession if his recent TikTok video is anything to go by. Kimmel teamed up with his mother to help a python. He uploaded a 29-second video of the duo freeing the snake from a car tire. The reptile had got itself in a bit of a jam.

We don’t know about the moments leading up to the video. But the clip shows the snake inside of the tire’s barrel with its head poking out of the rear right wheel. Python’s can often take down some pretty large animals. But we at Outsider have never heard of the snake species beating out a vehicle.

In the video, Kimmel’s mother decides to get her hands dirty. Wearing just flip-flops and an apron, she tangles with the snake. She gets up and close with the snake, pulling the creature’s tail. But Kimmel didn’t let his mother do all of the work. He also got involved, pushing the snake’s head through the barrel. This was a job that takes two.

“My hands are greasy,” Kimmel’s mother says in the video. Eventually, the duo manages to free the snake from the car and drag it from the garage to cheers. Kimmel agrees that his mother is a natural.

“Nice job, Mom,” Kimmel says. “You’re a freaking natural.”

Snake Hunting in Florida

Kimmel considers the adventure to be a typical “Thanksgiving in Flordia.” Though most people would probably disagree.

Business appears to be booming for the reptile expert. The Python Cowboy bases his operations in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Burmese pythons are an invasive species in the area. He often responds to calls about the reptile there.

Burmese python population has grown in recent years. According to Fox News, people have intentionally or accidentally “abandoned” the animal in the Everglades leading to the boom. The Python Cowboy often uses social media to raise awareness about the snake and wildlife conservation.

So far, it seems to have worked. The snake wrangler has built up quite the following on social media about his exploits.