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‘Flying’ Deer Does Best Kangaroo Impression

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

I’ll never understand why it’s so fascinating to see animals spring into action and jump several feet off the ground, but it is. Very much so. And it’s even better when it’s caught on film so we can continuously replay it. In this case, that’s also true. A wild video is showing an impressive ‘flying’ deer as it bursts from a trail, leaping off the ground as if he’s wearing Inspector Gadget spring shoes.

According to the New York Post, the deer, which is native to India, was caught jumping into the air as it flees. From what, we don’t know. Perhaps the animal was spooked by something. But the deer’s fight or flight (literally) kicked into high gear.

In the video, which has now been posted to Twitter, the animal seriously looks like it’s flying. The deer runs out in front of a person before jumping several feet into the air. And you’ve seen animals jump before – but this one takes the cake.

Whether he was trying to be recruited into Santa’s team of reindeer, we’ll never know. But you’ve got to check out the video below.

Identifying the Jumping Deer

The animal’s species wasn’t clear, however, researchers said that the axis deer, which is native to the region of India, are known to make extremely high jumps over fences or other barriers.

The video was viewed on the social media platform over 85,000 times as well. Tons of viewers also responded, making jokes and sharing in awe of the deer’s abilities. The fact that it was recorded in slow motion is even better. That deer is flying!

One person wrote, “I have had a deer jump over my Jeep. They truly are Olympic-level high jumpers!”

Another chimed in as well.

“Wow, never seen such a long jump from anybody but this one is literally flying.”

Once you see the video, you’re going to inevitably watch it more than once. And that’s okay. We know we did. Hope this cute animal brightens your Monday, Outsiders!

Family Adopts Funny Looking Deer

While deer are definitely wild animals, like many creatures, they can be affectionate with humans. And one Pennsylvania family fell in love with a piebald whitetail deer 11 years ago. Since that time, they have bonded with him and five of his friends he found on their many acres of land.

“They are all very gentle,” owner Ralph Petricone said of their pet. “You can pet every one of them; they’ll come up. The grandkids love them. They can put their arms around their heads.”

The unusual looking deer is marked by patches of white and brown on its body. They are really cool to spot in the wild. And the Pennsylvania family has a special companion that they will cherish for years.