Four Ice Fishermen Rescued After Ice Breaks Off in Green Bay

by Joe Rutland

Officials were able to rescue four ice fishermen who were stranded after a chunk of ice broke away from the shoreline in Green Bay, Wis.

Around 12:15 p.m. on Monday, emergency crews reached the scene near an area around Point Comfort Road. They gathered them up and got them back to shore.

No one was injured in the event. The fishermen ended up being 100 yards away from shore.

None of them chose to speak regarding their incident.

Ice Fishermen Need To Learn About Having Patience

Meanwhile, you don’t have to pack in your fishing gear just because winter is here. As long as you’re willing to be a little more patient and change up your strategy a little, winter fishing can be very rewarding.

If you hate being in the cold even with the addition of cold-weather gear, winter fishing definitely isn’t your best bet. The air gets frigid on the water. You’re probably going to get wet. It takes a special kind of angler to want to be out on the water in the winter.

According to Gavin Martz, manager and guide coordinator at Spearfish Creek Fly Shop in South Dakota, “The biggest thing is having a little more patience.”

At the same time, winter fishing has its perks. Popular fishing spots will see less traffic. So, you can take in the quiet beauty of your favorite fishing spot undisturbed. Winter can be a beautiful season and getting away from it all and experiencing that can be its own reward. A nice fish dinner doesn’t hurt, though.

Ice Fishermen Might Be Looking For More Action This Year

The number of hunters exploded this year as people left lockdown for the outdoors. But will ice fishing see a similar spike now that hunting seasons are coming to an end?

Wildlife experts believe so.

“All needles are pointing to people wanting to get outside and do stuff this winter,” said Henry Drewes, a regional fisheries manager for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “And one of those things will be ice fishing.”

Earlier this year, fishing and all other outdoor sports saw marked increases. The pandemic shuttered most entertainment options such as concerts, bars, and music festivals. People returned to their hobbies or looked for new ones to pass the time in quarantine.

Hunting license sales were way up this year as well as the number of deers brought back for harvesting. Fishing licenses are also seeing a spike in recent weeks across the country.

“I think people are going to be looking for ways to get out of the house,” Drewes said. “Besides having restrictions on some of the things we can do, many people are working remotely from home. I think we’re going to need outdoor activity to help people keep their sanity.”

H/T: Fox 11 News