‘Aggressive’ Fox Captured on Capitol Hill After Biting Lawmaker, Reporter

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images)

An aggressive red fox in attack mode on Capitol Hill is now in the hands of animal control officers on Tuesday in Washington, D.C. Multiple people reported that they were followed or attacked by the animal near Congress. U.S. Capitol Police officers were on the prowl after Rep. Ami Bera told reporters that she was bitten outside the Senate on Monday night. The Humane Rescue Alliance, which provides wildlife control for D.C., caught and caged the fox Tuesday afternoon.

Officials Capture Fox On Capitol Hill

Capitol Police shared photos of the red fox in a cage on Twitter. “I didn’t see it and all of a sudden I felt something lunge at the back of my leg,” Bera said, according to PunchBowl News editor Heather Caygle. “I jumped and got my umbrella.”

On Tuesday, the House Sergeant-at-Arms alerted lawmakers. Capitol Police did get three reports of “individuals being attacked or bitten by a fox.”

Sightings amused both congressional aides and journalists. One fox encounter occurred Monday outside the U.S. Botanic Garden at the base of the Capitol.

Then, a second incident took place on the southern side of the Capitol, the House office says. A third incident happened as Capitol Police on Tuesday “received a call about a fox approaching staff near First and C Street NE.” That was some distance from the first two encounters.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell Asked If He Saw Fox

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell did get a foxy question during a GOP leadership press conference. Additionally, Sen. Joni Ernst says she had seen it and provided a video of the encounter to Fox News. Bera’s bite did not become part of the warning bulletin. Yahoo reporter Tom LoBianco photographed the fox on Monday outside Union Station.

The House sergeant at arms office said there could be multiple fox dens on Capitol grounds. “Animal Control is currently on the grounds seeking to trap and relocate any foxes they find.” We get more from the New York Post. Authorities did warn: “Foxes are wild animals that are very protective of their dens and territory. Please do not approach any fox you see.”

“Who gets bit by a fox?” Rep. Scott Perry asked while walking into the House chamber for votes. In conclusion, according to the National Parks Service, there’s often a fox den or two on the National Mall. And that’s the tale of the D.C. fox on a Tuesday.