Fox Robs Virginia Man of His Washington Post Paper for 6 Weeks Straight

by Megan Molseed

A Virginia man has been dealing with a thieving neighbor for the past six weeks. It’s not completely uncommon for a neighbor to borrow a paper without asking from time to time. Usually, all it takes is a little neighborly conversation to get to the bottom of it all. However, this particular newspaper thief isn’t one that can easily be reasoned with.

Frank Kohn of Fairfax, Virginia has been dealing with a newspaper thief for weeks now. According to a local NBC report, the Virginia man has been missing his regular “Washington Post” deliveries almost daily because of someone’s sticky fingers. That someone? A sly fox.

Frank Kohn’s daily “Washington Post” deliveries started disappearing from the front porch of his Virginia home in June.

He Could Tell It Was A Furry Culprit

As luck would have it, Kohn is a wildlife biologist and he immediately suspected the culprit was some kind of animal. To try and get to the bottom of the sly newspaper stealer, Kohn set up a wildlife camera hoping to capture the culprits red-handed on camera.

Since installing the camera, the Virginia man has witnessed the sly culprits taking his copies of the “Washington Post” pretty much every morning throughout the summer.

Usually, it’s one fox that does the dirty work. However, some of the recordings have shown that two are at work during some of the thefts.

“My camera video revealed a young fox approaching the paper with something in his mouth,” Frank Kohn wrote about the initial footage he shared showing the fox taking his delivery.

Kohn added that it appears the fox had left something behind when he grabbed the newspaper.

“He puts that down and takes the paper out of camera range and then returns to pick up what he had left behind,” Krohn explained.

Just a Little Reading With Breakfast

Maybe what the masterful thief left behind initially was its breakfast. Chances are it was some kind of recent catch it had made. So, who really blames the little guy for trying to find something to read as he starts the day with a little meal. Who doesn’t appreciate a little news with breakfast?

However, some days, the sly fox must not be too thrilled with the news he finds on Kohn’s porch. Sometimes, the fox doesn’t steal the paper. He simply moves it…or urinates on it.