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Georgia Couple Killed in Their Sleep When Tree Falls on House

by Chris Haney
Photo by Lan Wei/Xinhua via Getty

On Thursday, a young couple in Georgia died because of a tree that crashed into their home as a result of Tropical Storm Zeta that reeked havoc on the area.

The Buford, GA couple were in bed in their home when a huge tree fell and broke through their roof and wall. The tree pinned them down while they were still in bed, according to Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services.

Authorities are not sure about when the tree fell and when the couple passed away. However, the man’s brother made an emergency call around 12:30 p.m. EST after he could not get in touch with the couple and went to check on them at their home. When the brother got to their house, he immediately saw the wrecked home. He found the tree smashed through the house on W. Garner Street NW. Unfortunately, the brother could not make his way into the couple’s bedroom because of the damage.

“He was all distraught, freaking out,” neighbor Ahban Hanken told WSB-TV. “He asked me to call 911.”

Georgia Couple Two of Five Killed in Tropical Storm Zeta

The Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services news release gave more details on the fallen tree that killed the couple. The release reported that the crew at the scene witnessed the roof collapsing throughout most of the home. The damage forced the local fire department’s technical rescue team to initiate recovery operations. After the crew stabilized the fallen tree, firefighters used chainsaws to cut off the tree’s limbs.

The initial news release did not name the man and woman who died in their bed. But, WSB reported the young couple were in their 20s.

“This is a very tragic situation for the family and the community,” the news release said. “The incident demonstrates the magnitude of the powerful wind gusts during the aftermath of Tropical Storm Zeta.”

On Wednesday, the tropical storm was originally listed as a Category 2 hurricane as it hit land. Yet, as it continued inland officials downgraded the Category 2 hurricane to a tropical storm.

By Friday morning, at least 226,023 residents in Alabama and 317,102 residents in Georgia had power outages. In addition to the young Georgia couple, a minimum of three other people were killed in the storm’s destruction. Those dead included a 55-year-old Louisiana man who died by electrocution from a downed power line. Additionally, an Alabama man drowned in a marina while taking a video of the storm. And similarly, another Georgia man also died when a tree fell on his house.

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