Georgia Hunter Gored in Leg While Retrieving Downed Buck

by Michael Freeman

For hunters, the walk to retrieving a downed kill is a bit of a victory march and something to savor. However, a Georgia hunter’s march turned into a disaster, as the buck he downed gored him in the leg.

While hunting in November in Swainsboro, Georgia, Jonathan Stevens shot his biggest buck ever at the time. While on his way to retrieve it though, his victory was short-lived, as the (not dead) 10-pointer attack him. Goring Stevens in the thigh, the buck then ran off. Going to a hospital shortly afterward, a doctor told Stevens the buck missed a major artery by a mere half an inch.

Stevens himself posted about the incident on Facebook, providing pictures too. Luckily for him, his sister and her husband helped locate the deer while he was in the hospital, so he still technically walked away a winner.

“Shot this deer yesterday afternoon knew the shot was a little low,” the post begins. “So come got my sxs and flash light and angel well little did we know what was about to happen. Trailing the deer through the woods we seen him laying thought he was dead like most deer are when you recover them well I grabbed his horns and he come to life literally tore my pants up. Stuck me in the leg around my thigh then he ran off. I had to go to the er then was transported to Augusta just a few stitches scrapes and bruises and gonna be sore for awhile.”

After being released, Stevens said the first thing he wanted to do was see the buck. I can’t say I blame him since it was both a point of pride and confirmation it was actually dead this time.

Ohio Hunter’s Daughter Steals Elusive Buck Takedown from her Father

Deer are often methodical creatures and you frequently hear about hunters trying to take a certain one down for years. This was the case for an Ohio hunter, but instead of him finally scoring the kill, his daughter did.

The 10-point buck served as Kevin Miller’s white whale for three years, according to Yahoo! News. Captain Hook, as Miller named the deer, frequently appeared on his trail camera and even escaped after Miller sank an arrow into it. Not only did it survive, but it came back stronger the next year. However, it soon found its end to Miller’s daughter Ellie and her crossbow instead.

Funnily enough, the faithful night Ellie felled Captain Hook, Miller could have done so himself but forfeited it to her. She knew the story of Hook but had never seen it herself. “It was the best thing ever,” said Kevin regarding the occasion. “It was way better than me shooting that deer. That was how it was meant to be.”