Georgia Hunter Seizes Incredibly Rare Opportunity, Bags All-White 8-Point Buck

by Shelby Scott

Hunters across the United States have begun readying themselves for deer season. While we Outsiders up north wait for the end of November to begin bagging deer and hunting trophies, Georgia kicked off archery season this past weekend. As some hunters wait all season, or many seasons, to bag their trophy buck, GA hunter Tara Jackson seized an incredibly rare opportunity. Just days after archery’s opening day, the woman snagged a once-in-a-lifetime, all-white, 8-point buck.

However, despite her unique trophy, she had one heck of a time locating it. Robinson first spotted the deer in June while fishing with a friend. As a super rare creature, she began tracking its habits, setting up trail cams soon after spotting the all-white buck.

With the help of her friend, Brian Spivey, the pair became familiar with the buck’s travel patterns. So right as archery season began, Robinson staked out in a tree stand near one of the deer’s common paths. However, it was several days before she caught sight of her prize.

Initially, her first crossbow arrow flew clean over the deer’s back, spooking it into the woods. However, eventually, the deer came back around and this time, the arrow found its mark. While Robinson knew the arrow had claimed the deer, the animal’s blood trail was hard for her to track. After calling in her friend and his tracking dog, a local assistant fire chief, and a talented bloodhound, Robinson finally located her prize. Though efforts did take several hours.

Rarity Does Not Indicate an Albino Buck

The deer itself is interesting as, while pictures might indicate it as an albino, this is not the case. Seeing the animal has a black nose and dark eyes, it’s not a true albino but what’s called a piebald deer. True albinos must possess both a pinkish nose and pink or red eyes, in addition to much more lightly colored hooves. Only 1 in 25,000 deer are actually considered albino.

Robinson’s deer is a true piebald. This sect of deer tends to be almost entirely white, their coats interrupted with varying brown spots and patterns. However, the only spot of brown on the all-white buck was located in a small area on the animal’s tail.

For reference, check out this incredibly rare albino buck spotted in North Carolina this summer. In addition to a white coat and pink eyes, nose, and hooves, the animal’s antlers are also entirely white.

Another interesting fact separating piebalds from albinos is that many hunters become superstitious surrounding sightings of genuine albino deer. Many believe that killing such an interesting and unique create may result in a string of bad luck.

However, another interesting genetic trait results in all-black white-tailed deer. The trait is known to affect all kinds of creatures. While albinism displays a lack of melanin within the animal, an all-black coat signifies an abundance of melanin.