Georgia Teen Hospitalized After Being Struck by Lightning in Florida

by Jon D. B.

Walker Bethune remains in “critically stable” condition after being struck by lightning just three feet away from his family while vacationing in Florida.

“In the midst of this unimaginable event, we are overwhelmed with your love and your prayers for our dear Walker,” Bethune’s family writes on a CaringBridge page. “His remarkable life is a direct reflection of all of you who love him!”

Within, the Georgia teen’s family lends clarity to the tragic situation. While vacationing on the beaches of Marco Island, Walker was struck by lightning while standing just 3 feet away from other family members on Saturday afternoon.

Young Bethune is a rising senior at Stratford Academy in Macon, Georgia. Yet as of Wednesday, July 21, he remains in critically stable condition in a Miami trauma center due to this “horrific accident.”

After the lightning strike, Walker’s father administered CPR until emergency crews were able to arrive. Afterward, the Georgia teen was hospitalized in Naples, Florida. From there, he would need to be airlifted to a trauma center in Miami, his family states.

Currently, the Bethune family is “celebrating each small, baby step victory as they come.”

The family’s latest medical update came from Walker’s parents on Tuesday. Within, they write:

Please be in relentless BIG BOLD prayers TODAY for GREAT BRAIN HEALTH, GREAT NERVOUS SYSTEM RESPONSES, and GREAT HEART HEALTH. These are the some important testing activities today. He is still in critical condition, but the medical team feels confident he is stable enough to have the MRI today… The MRI will give us a better image of its current health.  We feel blessed to be with this medical team, continue to pray for them as well.  
Our entire family feels your love!

David, Stacy & Alex

Family Provides July 21 update on ‘Lightning Accident’

Today, another update has come in from Walker’s family via CaringBridge. According to his kin, Julie, “This afternoon there will also likely be a MRI report available… We will be reviewing with David and Stacy. I ask that you all continue to pray for those results, but I also ask that you continue to pray for overall health and 100% healing.”

Julie notes that “Last night [Walker’s parents] David and Stacy shared with me that as they walked into Ronald McDonald house looking exhausted, a woman working there looked at them, and in broken English said “Do not worry. God has the final answer. Yes! God has the final answer!”

It has been four days since Walker’s “lightning accident,” and he continues to fight his critical condition. This past weekend, Walker’s Stratford school organized a vigil. Within, the Head of School, Logan Bowlds, told attendees that Walker is an “absolutely phenomenal young man.”

“He’s a go-getter, he’s compassionate, he’s hard-working… And, in fact, the reason our pavement is so sparkling today is that he was just out here last week pressure washing it,” Bowlds continues via Fox/ABC’s WGXA.

Outsider wishes the best – and all returning health – to Walker and his family.