Giant 13-Foot Hammerhead Caught in Florida, Charter Fishing Company Says It’s Their Largest One Ever

by Chris Haney

During a recent fishing trip off the coast of Florida, a charter fishing company caught an enormous 13-foot-long hammerhead shark, which they called the largest they’ve ever seen.

Charter fishing company Navarre Beach Shark Fishing shared a Facebook post about the epic catch on August 2. The company shared that employees Kerry Guliksen and Tanner Piehl led the shark fishing excursion. While they fished along with their clients off the coast of Navarre Beach, Florida, the group reeled in a massive hammerhead.

“We landed the biggest shark in NBSF thus far,” the company’s Facebook post read. “Estimated to be 13 feet long. Shark was safely released. Kerry Gulliksen and Tanner Piehl did a great job dehooking and releasing this monster.”

NBSF co-owner Jack Moran gave an interview recently to Fox News. He said his shark fishing company rarely reels in such a large specimen. Additionally, he said that their clients were “super excited and were in awe” of the hammerhead catch.

“It’s pretty rare when it comes to greater hammers for our area,” Moran explained, according to Fox News. “They are more common in south Florida.”

Moran added that the 13-foot hammerhead shark is definitely the largest his company has ever caught. “This one takes the cake so far,” he said.

The shark put up a solid fight, but the NBSF crew were able to reel it into shore fairly quickly. The anglers admired their gigantic catch and took videos and photos of the hammerhead, but then released the huge fish back into the ocean.

“We had her in and out under 15 minutes tops,” Moran said. “We kept her in the water the whole time to ensure a proper release.”

“[NBSF] takes every precaution to get the sharks in as quick as possible for a quick and safe release,” he added.

Swimmer Has Scary Encounter With Charging Hammerhead Shark in Florida

Just a couple weeks ago, another individual in Florida came dangerously close to a charging hammerhead shark. Yet the swimmer seemed to have no clue about the huge lurking fish.

The incident took place off the shores of Panama Beach, Florida about two weeks ago. A video uploaded to TikTok by someone named Connor Seitz, known as cseitz2281 online, went viral not long after. Seitz seems to be taking footage off the balcony of his beachfront hotel room since the camera has a perfect overhead view of the incident.

“She’s about to get bit,” someone says in the TikTok video.

“Oh my Lord,” another exclaims.

“If she looked down right now she would be…” the onlooker is heard saying in the clip. Yet the seriousness of the matter quickly intensifies the closer the hammerhead gets to the swimmer.


Blow this up so those two girls can see this video. Was filmed yesterday in PCB do your thing tik tok

♬ original sound – Connor Seitz

The hammerhead circles the swimmers, and at one point heads directly towards them. It then backs off some, but then comes charging back straight at them. The swimmers were lucky the shark eventually swam off. In fact, they may not even realize to this day just how close the hammerhead came to them as they swam in the ocean.