Giant Anaconda Eats Animal So Large it Got Stuck in Brazil Jungle

by Jon D. B.

Watch as Brazil Environmental Military Police rescue this absolutely mammoth anaconda (and its equally mammoth meal) from thick river brush.

For these giant snakes, nothing is off the menu. Often enough, they’ll consume another animal large enough to swell their entire mid-section to several feet in girth. Anacondas will even eat entire deer – antlers and all – and live to do it again.

This is exactly the case for the Brazilian green anaconda seen below. Local environmental officers would spot the behemoth as it struggled along the bank of the Iguatemi River, unable to free itself. Jumping into action, the officers use a spade to prod and free the anaconda from the thick brush. And it’s all due to the enormous meal making a bulbous obstacle out of the snake’s belly.

According to Zenger, the anaconda is a giant 16.4-foot (5 meter) specimen:

This is the moment a cop on a boat uses a spade to prod and free a giant anaconda from some riverside branches after it got trapped in them due to the huge animal it had just ingested.


The rescue took place out on a stretch of the river near the municipality of Mundo Novo. Here, in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul, the anaconda would see freedom Monday afternoon, November 2.

The officers aren’t sure what the enormous snake ate, but it was large enough to cause its predicament. A similar case back in September saw an anaconda meet the same fate after eating a capybara, however. Capybaras are the world’s largest extant rodents and can grow to the size of a large dog.

Green Anaconda: The World’s Heaviest Snake

One of the largest snake species on the planet, the green anaconda holds the distinction of being Earth’s heaviest. Other species can become longer than the oft-17-foot length of a green, but no other anacondas reach the enormous weight of this species. Several specimens have been documented at over 154-pounds. Unconfirmed reports of true giants are persistent, however, with many locals and tour guides swearing to 200+ pound and 30+ long monsters.

One such behemoth was seen in August, when a Brazilian tour guide filmed it shedding its skin. Unfortunately, an official measurement of the beast was not possible. This is largely due to experts recommending humans keep their distance from anacondas at all times. While ingesting of humans is rare, known cases of anacondas eating people do exist.

But far more often, anacondas are more afraid of us than we are of them. The snakes will stress in the presence of humans and their escape instincts kick in. To do so, many will regurgitate their prey, which causes severe stress to the snake and can even cause death.

What a sight that would be.