Giant Beaver Causes Major Power Outage After Chewing Through Tree

by Michael Freeman

When you hear about power outages, it’s common to think of storms, natural disasters, and things like that. What if I told you beavers could also be responsible? In this case, a giant beaver caused a major outage after chewing through an entire tree.

Logan, a small Utah town of 1,000 people, found themselves without power last weekend. As it turns out, a giant beaver chomped through a tree, sending it crashing into power lines. Luckily, Logan only lost power for about an hour before it came back.

Initially unaware of the beaver’s involvement, a safety officer eventually wrote a Facebook post to the town’s mayor confirming a huge beaver was responsible for the tree falling. Gnawing through the base of an equally large tree, it toppled over onto power lines.

“I’m forwarding you this picture to show my appreciation of our Human Resources and Light and Power crews. Sunday, October 3rd, a beaver between the Boulevard and Canyon Road dropped a large tree that landed on power lines which in turn knocked out the power to much of the island area. Our outstanding power crews were able to fix the problem and determine the cause of the problem.”

The safety officer then noted the beaver was caught Tuesday morning and will be transported to another location. City officials told Daily Mail “The beaver was transported to the Beaver Ecology & Relocation Center in Millville, Utah to be quarantined, and then will be relocated to an area where they help restore water systems.”

Additionally, city officials set humane traps as a precautionary measure to prevent similar cases from happening in the future. Saying they don’t expect it to occur again, they’d rather be safe than sorry.

Rabid Beaver Nearly Kills Elderly Massachusetts Man

While a beaver chewing through a tree is innocent enough, another recent incident is far from it. A few weeks ago, a rabid beaver attacked and nearly killed a 73-year-old Massachusetts man.

Out for a swim in a pond he often visited, Mark Pieraccini soon found himself in a fight for his life. Talking to The Greenfield Recorder, he recounted the horrifying incident. “He surfaced near my head and grabbed my head. He went to bite my head. I punched him a couple of times. I just had to take the licking and get to shore.”

Continuing his tale, he said when he finally reached the shore and his bike, he passed out from the blood loss. In his own words, had the beaver pursued him further, he would have died. “By the time I got to shore, I was exhausted. If I had to swim 10 more yards, I would have drowned. … If he had come onshore, he would have finished me off. I would not have been able to fight him off. He would have finished killing me.”

Fortunately, Pieraccini is in excellent shape and eventually pedaled to the emergency room. He has since recovered.