This Giant Pig Named ‘Papa Pig’ Simply Could Not Be Contained

by Matthew Memrick

South Carolina authorities in York County worked feverishly to return a massive pig to its owner on Thursday.

The York County Sheriff’s Office said a large pig aptly named Papa Pig blocked two highway lanes, and deputies locked down the area as they looked for the pig’s owner.

What a road hog! NBC 2 reported on the hog happening.

Onlooker delays also slowed things down a bit. The size of Papa was just too hard not to stop and gawk a little. That pig was absolutely gigantic.

When the owner came, the enormous pig broke his owner’s trailer. So the owner and deputies used the department’s Mounted Unit horse trailer to get the animal back to contain the big and get him home. 

Mounted Patrol Commander Mark McCarter reportedly “wrangled” Papa in just three minutes. 

“Mr. Pig is safely out of the road and on his way home,” officials said.

Finally, the sheriff’s office tweeted out some words of advice.

“And while we have your attention… Mr. Papa Pig asks you to please lock your car doors tonight and bring your valuables inside.”

Twitter users had some fun with the unsecured swine. One even said, “And this not-so little piggy went wee wee all the way home.”

Another Twitter user tried, but said Twitter let her down.

Tennessee Congressman Helps In Hog Hunt

Last month, U.S. congressman Tim Burchett got in on the act to rescue a loose sow hog.

UPI reported that Burchett helped animal control officers round up a pair of loose pigs. The man spotted the hog and urged his social media followers to drive safely in the area.

The Knoxville Police Department said animal control officers were dispatched to the area and captured both pigs.

Pickles the Pig In The News

Maddie Johnson’s house pet pig is both an internet sensation and therapy pig.

Pickles even has his own Instagram account with 153,000 followers, and believe me, and it’s some excellent entertainment from the “therapig.”

“Pickles’ superpower is making people happy on the internet every day,” Johnson tells Daily Paws via Yahoo! News. “He’s very smart and super full of personality, and I think people just don’t expect to see a pig trotting through a family home, and in the bed, and on walks, and doing tricks, and going to the park.”

Five-year-old Pickles is pretty active. He can surf on a surfboard, go on walks, play a mini piano, and even paint.

Johnson said having Pickles is like having a “perpetual” toddle because the pig has the intelligence of a three-year-old child.

The owner got the pig from a flooded farm, and he visits classrooms and retirements communities. Oh, and he has his own Instagram page.