‘Glacier Bro’ Influencer’s Body Found Months after Viral Waterfall Accident

by Will Shepard

Heartbreaking news has surfaced surrounding an Instagram influencer going missing. In December, Wang Xiangjun went missing. Xiangjun was known to his fans as “Glacier Bro.”

Recently though, Tibetan authorities found a body that they believe belongs to the influencer.

Wang Xiangjun was a 30-year-old environmentalist who spent his days looking for his next adventure. He was last seen on video after losing his balance and falling into one of his favorite glacier waterfalls. Consequently, he was presumed dead in late December after never being seen again.

After a massive search for his body, the local Lhari County police announced that they have found a body. They found a body on March 14. Even though they aren’t certain that the body is that of “Glacier Bro,” a local China paper reports the authorities’ beliefs.

“After initial investigations, the body seems to be that of missing person Wang Xiangjun.”

The statement also says that police “are in the process of further identifying the body according to legal procedures.”

“Glacier Bro” Body Found Months After Falling into His “Favorite Glacier Waterfall”

“Glacier Bro” was exploring an expanse of glaciers in northern Tibet when the accident occurred. A clip of the footage that was all over Chinese social media platforms. On December 20, 2020, the video shows Xiangjun slipping into the glacier waterfall and the icy waters.

To make matters worse, though, reports began surfacing that his friends were traveling with him at the time. They made an unsuccessful rescue attempt after seeing “Glacier Bro” fall in. Thankfully, though, they were able to make it back to shore.

Immediately after reporting that Xiangjun had fallen into the glacier waterfall, a search party went looking for him. However, upon getting to the scene, rescuers recognized the futility of their efforts.

“[He] could be under an ice floe. The water is 10 to 20 meters (32 to 65 feet) deep.”

Consequently, a few days later, “Glacier Bro’s” brother sent out an emotional message to his brother. Additionally, as the message says, searching for adventures in glaciers was his brother’s passion.

“My brother… lies forever in his favorite waterfall. I hope everyone does not hype up [his death] and respect the deceased. For all of his life, he was obsessed with glaciers and gave his life to glaciers. This is the best resting place for him.”

According to reports and his social media following, “Glacier Bro” was very active as an environmentalist. He was constantly trying to get his fans and followers to be more conscious of their effect on the natural world.