Glacier National Park Ranger Reunites Young Girl with Teddy Bear Year After Visiting

by Matthew Memrick

A young girl and her teddy bear reunited recently after getting separated at Montana’s Glacier National Park.

KPAX recently reported that a park official found it on the Hidden Lake Trail after the girl lost the personal item a year ago in October. The six-year-girl, Naomi Pascal, was exploring the park with her family. 

“Pretty much almost back to Bigfork, and we realized, I think Naomi was the one that realized Teddy was missing,” Naomi’s dad Ben Pascal said.

A Beary Neat Background

Naomi’s teddy bear was the first thing she got before being adopted from an Ethiopian orphanage in 2016.

Mom Addie Pascal said the bear is in many family pictures, and since it was her first toy, it was extraordinary. 

Last year, Glacier National Park Ranger Tom Mazzarisi stumbled upon Teddy after a big snowstorm. He said he noticed it off the Logans Pass trail among melting snow. There are 700 miles of trails at the park, and Mazzarisi was fortunate to find the stuffed teddy bear.

Mazzarisi decided to hold on to Teddy, keeping the stuffed bear inside his ranger vehicle. He put it on the front of his windshield. NBC Montana reported that the ranger renamed the bear, Caesar.

The ranger said he would think about the bear, driving around the park over 5,000 miles. He would think about it while working among the Glacier National Park bear population.

Lost And Found Teddy Bear

Last week, a Pascal family friend hiking the Glacier National Park and noticed Teddy on Mazzarisi’s dashboard.

Ben Pascal said the friend, Terri Hayden, texted a picture of Teddy to his wife, and she identified the stuffed bear. Hayden called it a “pure miracle” that she discovered the bear. 

The parents soon told Naomi that Teddy was going to come home.

“I felt excited because I didn’t know I was going to ever see him again,” said Naomi.

The park ranger said he sent the teddy bear by express mail to the family’s Jackson, Wyo. home. Naomi likely gave Teddy a bear hug when she saw him. 

Addie Pascal said while she was a little excited about the reunion, her daughter was “jumping up and down” with excitement.

Mazzarisi said he was happy to get the bear back to Naomi and hopes to meet her one day in person. He told MTN News that he’d love to tell the girl of the bear’s Glacier National Park journeys.

Celebrity Helps Find Another Bear

Last year, actor Ryan Reynolds helped a little Canadian girl find her toy bear. But this bear tale was miles from Glacier National Park.

According to USA Today, Reynolds Tweeted out the story of Mara Soriano. Her stolen teddy bear had a recording of her late mother’s voice. The actor even offered a $5,000 reward for its return in the Canadian city of Vancouver. 

Days later, two people returned the bear to Soriano. Reynolds thanked his 16 million Twitter followers for their help.