Global Camping Tent Market Reached $2.65 Billion in 2021: What to Know

by Madison Miller

The past two years have taught many of us that there is no better time than the present to explore the great outdoors. From nights spent gazing at bright stars in a tent to long backpacking trips to so many other outdoor adventures. Perhaps this is why we are seeing such a dramatic increase in the global camping tent market in 2021.

At a Glance

  • Global camping tent market has a current value of $2.65 billion in 2021
  • Expected to grow to $3.87 billion in the next six or so years
  • The market increase is partially thanks to an increase in people looking to partake in outdoor recreational activities

The Changes in the Camping Tent Market

According to ResearchAnd, the global camping tent market reached an overall value of $2.65 billion in 2021. Not to mention, it is expected to climb even more to reach an astounding $3.87 billion by 2027. This would mean a CAGR of 6.87% between 2022 and 2027.

There are a lot of uncertainties related to product sales or even inflation that could impact these numbers in the coming years. The increase in people relying on outdoor recreational activities has gone up in recent years. A camping tent is an essential tool for people hiking or camping. They come in countless sizes and variations for whatever skill set or activity is at play. Not to mention, there are eco-friendly and economical options for people to purchase as well.

When it comes to de-stressing, people have been looking for tactics wherever they can find them. Amidst the wildlife and wilderness, there is no better calming agent.

As for the market growth, we can thank the fact that these products are easily accessible through different sporting goods stores, online sites, supermarkets, and other methods.

Forever Changes in the Outdoor Business World

Since the pandemic started, more and more people have gotten into outdoor activities. If you’ve felt like this is the case for you, then you’re certainly not alone.

If you look at the data from the National Park Services, you’ll see visitor rates skyrocketed. Popular destinations like Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain have gotten an influx of visitors. According to Forbes, Acadia National Park visits were up 74% in April/May 2021. Then, Canyonlands National Park visits were up 30% during that same period.

The increase hasn’t just been evident in national park visits. Kayak sales went up 30%, backpacking tents 50%, and sleeping bags 28%.

While this all increased during the pandemic, it’s unclear what it will look like in the future. The current data suggest that people are vowing to continue these outdoor activities in the coming years. Growth in outdoor sports apparel and equipment was rather consistent prior to the pandemic.