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Goals All Hunters and Anglers Should Aim for in 2021

by Atlanta Northcutt

Ready to hit the perfect target or hook that giant catch? If you want 2021 to be one of your most successful seasons, take aim and shoot towards these goals to help you be the ultimate hunter or angler this year.

Set a Goal to Share Enjoyment of the Sport

One of the biggest goals you can achieve in 2021 is bringing along someone who’s never taken on the sport, especially if they are interested but need a little guidance. Taking a newcomer with you will definitely bring you good karma for the year.

However, it will also remind you of your first time hunting or angling. You’ll feel new and fresh exhilaration when that novice lands his or her first big one.

If they don’t have the necessary equipment or aren’t experienced enough to be handling a firearm, join them while practicing at a shooting range. When they’re ready, show them everything the great outdoors has to offer.

Always Be Organized and Prepared

Organization is key when it comes to most tasks in life. Getting ready for the sporting season is no different. Before heading out to the woods or water look over all of your bullets, lures, and any other tools you might use. Make sure you have everything you need, the equipment is in working order, and the supplies have been packed. You don’t want to end up missing the perfect opportunity to nail your target due to being unprepared.

Continue to Explore New Things

Explore a new hunting territory that’s long-distance. Make the journey to somewhere you’ve always wanted to hunt or an unknown spot you’ve heard about. Enjoy the excitement of hunting new land or fishing waters you’ve never cast your line into. Turn a weekend trip into a mini-vacation with friends or by yourself, and take on a new environment.

If a day or weekend trip isn’t available then revisit any area close to home you haven’t been to in a long time. Head to where your friend hit the big one. Nature is constantly changing. If you weren’t successful in one spot before, it doesn’t mean you won’t get lucky this time.

Whether far away or close to home, get out of your element and normal routine. Switch things up. Try different lures. Use a new call.

Try Out Different Supplies and Equipment

If you were nice instead of naughty last year, you may have received that new bow or fishing rod you’ve been wanting.

Bring a different weapon, ammo, bait, or equipment with you. You can also switch up the hunt by looking for a new type of fish or game. Find new land or waters to take on. It’ll add a breath of fresh air to your search for the perfect target. You’ll gain more experience and develop new skills.

Always Be Prepared and Cautious

Making sure you are prepared is more important than having your equipment prepared before heading out is key. Be sure to wear layers, jackets, gloves, facemasks, hats, and any other protective clothing when it’s cold. Bring some hand warmers with you. Have sustainable snacks and water on you, being sure to stay hydrated.

Footwear is important while both hunting and fishing. Many rivers and rocky areas near water are easy to slip on. Boats are the same when it comes to the possibility of falling. Slip-proof or water shoes are great to wear in those situations. A large number of people are injured or drown each year while involved in recreational outdoor activities. Be careful when it comes to boating, especially in fast-moving water.

While on land, wear boots or protective footwear with great tread. Hiking boots are perfect in this terrain. Attend classes on safety precautions and how to sharpen your skills. If it’s too cold, the water is too high, or you aren’t comfortable with the environment then go with that gut feeling. You can always hit the woods or water another day.

Continue to Brush Up on Your Skills

During the off-season, brush up on your hunting or fishing skills. Go to a shooting range and practice with your equipment. It’s fun to try out something new and keep your skills perfected until the next season.

Help Nature Help You

Give back to the environment. Pick up any trash you find on the water or land. Cleanups take places in different bodies of water and areas of land. If you come across waste others have disrespectfully left behind then grab it. Nature gives so much for free. Enjoy and help protect it too.

If you’d rather watch your contribution to the planet grow, plant a tree, flowers, or other greenery. You can walk past it during hunts and continually see how it’s doing. If you return a fish to the water, it continues to repopulate for better fishing next season.

Enjoy a New Recipe

If not returning the fish, try a new recipe. If you make deer jerky, rub a new marinade on it, and then try it out. One of the best and most rewarding parts of hunting is bringing home and enjoying what you caught from your hunting or angling skills.

Set and Achieve Those Goals for 2021

Respect the rules and protocols set by your state’s wildlife laws. The biggest difference you can make is to leave no trace or signs of waste yourself.