Gone Wild: Man Leaves Car to Foolishly Confront 11 Tigers at Zoo

by Leanne Stahulak

In a shocking video, one man visiting the Beijing Wildlife Park left his car to approach 11 white tigers in their habitat.

On Oct. 23, a 56-year-old man police called “Jiang” left his car during a self-driving tour of the Beijing Wildlife Park, according to The Sun. Witnesses say he was trying to “provoke” the tigers with words and large gestures.

In a 30-second video below, you can see Jiang crouched in front of the big cats, staring at them intensely. The animals gather in front of him in a large group but don’t attack him. You can hear them grunting and making other noises, likely to warn the man off. But he remains crouched there.

In the background, at a safer distance, a group of people calls for Jiang to step away from the animals. He reportedly ignored warnings from staff members to return to his vehicle, choosing instead to confront the 11 white tigers.

Eventually, the zookeepers threw a bunch of food to the big cats to lure them away from the man. The Beijing Wildlife Park called the police to detain the man, which they did. After reviewing CCTV footage, the police identified him as 56-year-old Jiang.

During the encounter, several other self-driving tourists observed the interaction and recorded it. They later uploaded the clips of the man confronting the tigers to various social media sites.

An investigation’s been opened into Jiang’s white tiger incident, as authorities look into his actions. According to The Sun, the wildlife park claims to “be equipped with in-depth concealed safety methods which prevent tourists from getting too close to animals.”

This isn’t the first time a tourist has jumped out of a car during a self-driving tour and mingled with animals. But the last time it happened in 2016, a woman died.

Woman Gets Mauled By Tigers at Separate Beijing Wildlife Center

In July 2016, a family visited the Beijing Badaling Wildlife World, which included a section that you can drive your own vehicle through.

A woman, whose surname is Zhao, opened the passenger side door of her family’s car at one point in the drive and got out. She walked to the other side of the car. Seconds later, a tiger pounced on her from behind and dragged her away.

Zhao’s husband and mother immediately jumped from the car to help her. Zhao received serious injuries, but her mother died after getting mauled by the tigers, BBC reports. According to the outlet, Zhao told other news outlets that she left the car because she felt dizzy. She also thought they’d already reached a safe area.

Several people questioned whether the park or the victims were at fault for the mother’s death. You can see the encounter in the video below. But be warned, it is disturbing content.