Watch: Great White Shark Gets Right up Beside Boat in Jupiter, Florida

by Hunter Miller

A Fisherman in Florida got more than he bargained for when a great white shark swam right up beside his boat. Captain Kyle Rosenblatt managed to capture the moment on camera.

On Sunday afternoon, Rosenblatt took off on a fishing trip. When spotting the great white, Rosenblatt was around 20 miles off the coast of Jupiter Inlet.

After seeing the massive predator, Rosenblatt quickly grabbed his camera. In the video, viewers can hear Roseblatt saying, “We got a great white under the boat, a big girl!” He continued by adding, “Look at how wide it is!”

This marks Rosenblatt’s first time spotting a great white shark. He recalls seeing hammerheads and tiger sharks on multiple occasions, but never a great white.

Shark expert Jim Abernethy weighed in on the video while speaking with WPBF. He was just as amazed as other viewers at the incredible footage. “The video is amazing,” Abernethy said. “The opportunity to see a great white shark is once-in-a-lifetime.”

According to Abernathy, the chance to spot a great white shark in Florida doesn’t come along often. “I’ve spent the last 45 years here off Palm Beach or the other side of the Gulf Stream and only one has showed up in all that time,” Abernethy said.

The shark expert explained how fortunate it was that Rosenblatt had a camera at the ready. “The fact that he stuck his camera in the water and got some underwater footage is amazing,” Abernethy said.

In conclusion, Abernathy stated that he would love to have been on the boat. “I wish I was on the boat, because there’s nothing that would make me happier than to swim with a great white shark today at home,” Abernethy said. “They were very, very lucky to see a great white shark here and I hope I get to see it soon.”