Great White Shark Breaks Open Diver’s Cage in Heartstopping Moment

by Shelby Scott

Jaws‘” release in 1975 took Hollywood by storm and left a cultural imprint on the hearts of Americans. Since the film’s debut, Outsiders everywhere battle their own version of fear regarding our ocean’s greatest predators.

However, footage from Guadalupe Island off of Mexico captured the moment a diver’s plexiglass cage turned faulty. Soon enough, a great white shark easily broke into the enclosure. Compared to other great white encounters, this could easily be the most terrifying footage we’ve ever seen.

The heart stopping moment came as the diver, Dickie, noticed the door of the fragile enclosure was faulty. The clip captures the door gently easing open, a large great white attempting to nose its way in. Meanwhile, seven of the ocean’s apex predators encircle the cage and diver. Frantically, Dickie pops his head up out of the water to let the boat-bound crew know the cage door was malfunctioning.

He then dives back below the surface, doing his best to hold the door shut by hand. The crew quickly passes him a makeshift door lock. Nevertheless, as panic sets in, the diver is forced to palm one of the predators. The move came as his only defense against the quick-moving, 1,000+ pound sharks.

According to The Sun, neither the diver nor the nearby cameraman suffered any significant injuries, however, because of the shark’s rough skin, Dickie did sustain some gnarly cuts to his hands.

After the video clip was posted, commenters in YouTube expressed their concerns regarding the ghost cage.

“Next to these massive hunters, the plexiglass box looks desperately fragile. And with its faulty door, it’s not providing Dickie with the protection he needs.” No statement could be more true. Divers tend to view our ocean’s apex predators from behind steel bars in classic shark cages. Alongside those, the delicate looking ghost cage provides divers with an unimpeded view of the sharks.

Humpback Whale Carcass Provides Scale for Great White Sharks

Great white sharks can reach up to 20 feet in length, with the potential to weigh in at several tons. We hear about these insanely large predators all the time in the media, especially during the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

However, nothing truly shows the scale of these massive predators until you put it alongside one of our planet’s largest ocean inhabitants: the humpback whale.

Footage recently came out showing an intimidatingly large great white shark feasting on the carcass of a humpback whale. The animal’s broad back swerves left to right, its great fin indicating its direction. As the animal comes alongside the humpback whale’s carcass, we can easily see that sharks aren’t as outsized by our ocean’s whales as we might think.

While great whites can reach up to 20 feet in length, and the largest great white featured on television measuring an astounding 21 feet, the humpback whale measures around 50 feet in length. Overall, the sharks are about a third to half the size of these non-predatory beasts.

Further, we can assume that while, for whales encountering humans, size definitely does matter, for our ocean’s great whites, speed and agility definitely contribute to their survival. This could possibly explain the awesome encounter captured in photos.