Photos: Grizzly Bear Attacks Mountain Biker, Bites Clean Through Helmet

by Caroline Bynum

A grizzly bear attacked a mountain biker near Lillooet in British Columbia on Sunday.

The 58-year-old biker was with his wife when they encountered a mother grizzly and her two cubs. The mother, known as a sow, gave the man injuries on his abdomen and leg. The injuries are non-life threatening.

On site of the attack, the local “Predator Attack Team” found the biker’s helmet. It is clear from the released photos that the sow aggressively bit the protective helmet, leaving it destroyed in the grass.

After investigation and an interview with the biker, it was determined that the sow had acted in defense. The BC CO Service let followers know that there would be no attempts to capture the bears.

According to the Conservation Office Service’s Facebook post, this is the second grizzly attack within the week. The first attack occurred on a campsite. The bear left the camper with injuries to his arm. The BC CO Service considers the two grizzly bear attacks unrelated.

The BC CO Service made sure to remind readers of safety precautions on their social accounts. Suggestions include “to be aware of your surroundings, carry bear spray, travel in groups, make noise to avoid surprising a bear” and to “keep pets leashed.”