Grizzly Kills Moose Calf, Gets Chased Away by Cow Moose at Glacier National Park: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard

A series of videos out of Glacier National Park shows a graphic scene as a grizzly kills a moose calf as the mother defends another baby. It’s a harsh reality of what the outdoors can really be. Sometimes, we see harrowing videos of mother animals coming to the rescue of their babies. Other times, it is a predator’s lucky day.

These videos from the park made the rounds all over social media. An employee at the Many Glacier Hotel confirmed the events that happened in the video. Please be warned, that this video is graphic. The grizzly wins out here, at least at first.

Another angle of the incident caught the moose mother running off the predator, but not before the grizzly kills the moose calf. Sometimes, you can only do so much, but once that moose got running, the bear did not stick around much longer. After crashing into some glass and breaking it, the beast runs off away from the scene.

Reports from the park make it sound like this was an event that took place over multiple days. They said it was between Friday, May 27, and Sunday, May 29. So, eventually, officials had to step in and correct the situation. Here is a longer video, where you can see two calves still alive. That makes it seem like the video was taken before the attack, but it shows how tense the situation was.

“I’ve seen the grizzly come back twice since then, looking for [the moose],” the hotel employee said. “Seeing this happen over the past two days wasn’t easy, but [I’m] so glad I got to experience this first-hand.”

That’s how nature is. Scary, interesting, and a whole lot of other contradictions at the same time. What a terrifying and enthralling moment to witness.

Grizzly Kills Moose Calf and Officials Step In

When it came down to it, the grizzly bear was too aggressive with the moose in the area. If that grizzly came back and kills another moose or god forbid, hurt a person, it could be trouble. Not to mention, the safety of the moose mother and her remaining baby. So, the moose was hazed away from the area and there have been fewer interactions.

For all of the folks that happened to be at the park, it was a wild experience. No one likes to see a baby get eaten, but that’s the way nature is. As the grizzly kills a moose, the whole cycle keeps moving. Glacier National Park in Montana is a wonderful place to catch many great aspects of nature and what America has to offer in the great outdoors.

If you have a chance to go, do it. You won’t be disappointed. Trails, wildlife, and a whole lot of other great sights to take in. That’s what Glacier National Park has to offer. Don’t mind the grizzly bears chasing animals this way and that. Stay back, keep out of it, and take it in, or don’t.