Gruesome Footage Shows 14-Foot Crocodile Drag Father from Tent and Maul Him

by Courtney Blackann

We’ve all heard about alligator attacks spawned by territorial instinct or the need to protect their young. Those incidents are unfortunate accidents. However, crocodiles tend to be much more aggressive and deadly. Back in 2004, a man found this out in perhaps the most terrifying experience of his life.

Andrew Kerr, 34, was camping with his wife and infant son in Queensland. The family was enjoying a nice October escape into the wilderness. At some point in the early hours of the morning, Kerr was awakened by something rustling outside their tent.

The Attack

It was at this moment a giant 14-foot crocodile plowed through the tent (likely as terrifying as that tent scene in Jurassic Park: The Lost World) and gripped Kerr by the leg. It began to drag him through the campsite. As he was screaming and writhing to untangle himself from the creature’s grip, 61-year-old Alicia Sorohan stormed outside her tent next door. According to the U.S. Sun, the woman bravely ran towards the attack. She began hitting and kicking the animal while gouging its eyes.

The crocodile released Kerr and turned its attention towards the woman, breaking her nose with its massive head and biting her arm. At this moment, her son Jason emerged from the campsite with a gun and shot the crocodile four times in the head, killing it.

Then rescue efforts ensued. The group sent out an emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) and help soon arrived. Kerr’s legs were mauled but he would survive. Sorohan would also be okay.

Further, a witness, Ben Jones, captured the aftermath of the scene. In his footage, you can see just how large the crocodile is. Kerr is being assisted as he lies with blankets covering him. Jones describes what just happened.

“We thought maybe a crocodile had got into the camp and scared them and then gone back into the water. We just didn’t know at that stage what had gone on,” Jones told Mail Online at the time.

Crocodile Encounters

As we’ve said previously, crocodiles are extremely vicious. They move quickly and hunt smartly. Another person barely escaped after being dragged into the ocean in Mexico.

Eighteen-year-old Kiana Hummel was vacationing the summer before she attended college. The trip was meant to be a celebratory getaway after graduating high school. However, her vacation turned into a nightmare when a crocodile entered a resort she was staying at and grabbed her by the leg.

After dragging her into the water, she hit the beast until it let her go. She thought it was over. That’s when the animal lunged a second time. It began pulling her under the water. But thanks to a group of brave bystanders, Hummel was pulled to safety.

While she will be okay (she received surgery for her injuries), we’re sure it’s an experience that will haunt her forever.