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Gun and Ammo Shortage Triggers New Buyers

by Jack T. Wilder
Photo: Getty

Fox Business News reports a nationwide gun and ammo shortage as sales “skyrocket” before the election. Small gun store owners and big box chains are left now with only dwindling reserves.

New gun owners are the most affected. But hunters and sportsmen could be next. A gun and ammo shortage can happen for various reasons.

“Some of the frustration we’ve frankly heard from some of the new users is that they bought a firearm, they can’t find any ammunition, because it’s in short supply,” Vista Outdoor Inc. CEO Christopher Metz said on the company’s quarterly earnings call.

Gun owners are thinking about the possibility of increased regulations should former Vice President Joe Biden get elected president in November. Sales on guns and ammo are currently through the roof.

2020 Gun and Ammo Sales Already Surpass 2019

Fox News reports, “Gun sales surged 135% year-over-year in July to about 2 million and have already matched all of last year. Sales were up 145% in June, 80% in May and 71% in April.”

Ammunition shortages come months behind gun shortages, according to Metz. That will make things even harder for gun owners in the near future.

“Wholesale and distributor inventories are the ‘leanest we’ve ever seen,’ and it’s not due to a materials shortage,” Fox reported.

The shortage of product comes just before the start of hunting season in most states compounding the problem.