Halloween Comes Early for Wisconsin Deer That Gets Head Stuck in Jack-O’-Lantern: PHOTO

by Matthew Memrick

A Wisconsin deer decided to dress for Halloween early with a green Jack-O’-Lantern stuck on its head recently.

According to the Wausau Daily Herald, the residents named it Pumpkin, and the animal unstuck itself from the green plastic bucket after a week.

Minocqua residents spotted the distressed deer as early as Sept. 16. One resident, Tamee Redifer, said she saw it in her yard two days after that. Pumpkin had the handle caught under its chin, keeping it from seeing and eating likely.

“It was so sad because the face of the Pumpkin on the bucket was right where her face would be. So it was like this sick joke almost,” Redifer told the Daily Herald.

In case you’re wondering, archery and crossbow season for Wisconsin deer hunting began on Sept. 18. Hunters with disabilities can hunt from Oct. 2 to Oct. 10. All deer hunters who use guns must wait until Nov. 20.

Residents Concerned

Many, like Redifer and her son, tried to feed the animal mercifully. She said the bucket kept it from eating.

Residents shared photos on social media and contacted local authorities.

Police also got in on the act. The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office used Facebook to update residents. That agency worked with the Minocqua Police Department and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to rescue the deer.

But fortunately, Pumpkin freed itself. On Friday, Redifer’s son found the green trick-or-treat bucket on a bike trail. The deer likely pulled itself free from the handle and deer hair lined in the inside of the bucket.

Residents expressed relief for the animal on social media.

Deer Stuck This Time Of Year

Last year, a Montclair, New Jersey deer got stuck in an orange plastic pumpkin. Wouldn’t you know it, right around Halloween. It happens quite a bit.

You have to wonder if somebody tossed candy in it from the following year. Yuck.

This time, animal control officers rescued it by capturing it in a net. Montclair Township Animal Control filmed the incident.

The responding officers of Montclair Township Animal Control were later able to capture the animal in a net and subsequently film their attempt to free the helpless jack-doe’-lantern from its plastic pumpkin prison.

In the video, the deer sits still with the pumpkin bucket on its head. That all changed when officers cut it off the animal’s head. It begins kicking and flailing and eventually breaks through the net on its own.

The Fox News story also connects two other deer-bucket instances. Ohio TV station WKYC reported two deer stuck moments in 2017. One of the deer reportedly had a bucket on its head for at least nine days. 

Go ahead and ask. Should you try to take a bucket off a deer’s head? Naw man. The deer hoove is pretty sharp, and it could easily cut or take out an eye. Call animal control instead. That is if you’re a city person.