Happy World Ranger Day: Everything to Know About Holiday Celebrating the World’s Rangers

by Evan Reier

An iconic look and an iconic job that allows Outsiders to learn and get in touch with nature the right way. Happy World Ranger Day!

You may not have known that July 31st marks the celebration of World Ranger Day, but you should. Rangers serve a crucial purpose in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of nature and all it has to offer. Not only is the job important, but its also worth noting that it can be as dangerous as any.

That’s part of the holiday’s purpose. As internationalrangers.org says on its website, “World Ranger Day is celebrated worldwide on July 31st to commemorate Rangers killed or injured in the line of duty and to celebrate the work Rangers do to protect the planet’s natural treasures.”

While nature is gorgeous, inspiring and fulfilling, the inherent, well, nature of it means it is also dangerous, harsh and raw. Per globalconservation.org, over 1000 rangers died between 2008 and 2018.

While animal attacks or accidents are what come to mind, the tragic makeup of the stats is due to Rangers being killed by poachers. In many developing countries, exotic animals are hunted illegally, and Rangers are often the last line of defense.

As a society, we often think of being a Ranger as a dream job. And while protecting and conserving nature is a noble goal, it is hardly the relaxing image we have in our heads. At the end of the day, it is real-deal work that requires a steadfast commitment to conservation.

U.S. Interior Celebrates Rangers on World Ranger Day

Any trip to a national or state park isn’t complete without a chat or interaction with a Ranger. Considering they’re the ones admitting you in, it’s pretty much impossible not to. And with friendly faces like the ones seen in the photo below, why would you avoid that?

The U.S. Interior’s official Instagram page posted a gallery of photos of Rangers on Saturday.

“Looking for some rangers on World Ranger Day? We got you,” the caption opened.

Of course, the ensuing checklist goes down the iconic look and vibe of Rangers. Besides “great outfits,” the post also hilariously says Rangers, “Know all the trees AND their scientific names.”

It’s a fun and informative post about a duty that many are aware of, but not exactly informed on. As one might expect, it concludes with a sincere thank you message.

“For rangers across the world, thank you for all that you do!”

Outsider extends the same thanks!