‘Hello Mr. Alligator’: Viral Video Shows Gator on Man’s Front Steps Amidst Hurricane Ida

by Megan Molseed

The devastating floodwaters that came as a result of Hurricane Ida’s deadly winds and rains last week have certainly displaced many. The devastating storm left only destruction in its wake as it ripped through homes, businesses, and towns last week. Bringing with it torrential rains that caused record-breaking floods across the gulf coast, and the northeast regions of the United States.

While homes are destroyed, businesses toppled and left soaking wet in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, there are other displacement issues to worry about. The homes of the animals who resided in the area when the storm hit. Water boundaries are no longer a thing in many areas; as floodwaters take over entire neighborhoods. And even, in some places, entire towns.

One Louisiana resident shared his own frightening experience as he came across one of the Louisiana animals that found itself in confusing waters as the floodwaters created by Hurricane Ida’s record-breaking rains continued to rise.

The Louisiana resident recorded himself as he greeted a fairly frightening visitor in the form of a large alligator, to his yard recently.

According to the resident, the alligator eventually fled under the staircase after the initial encounter. The alligator spotter went on to note that he then decided to open the gate, to let the confused animal “leave the neighborhood quietly.”

Hurricane Ida Floods Bring a Scary Visitor

The now-viral video shows the resident’s now flooded – and overflowing – pool. The area was bombarded with floodwaters after Hurricane Ida blew through the area last week.

As the resident walks out of his home, and down his stairs to get a closer look at the devastation left behind by Hurricane Ida, he spots his visitor.

The eight-foot alligator is just sitting there chilling only a few feet away from the stairs. The very stairs on which the man had just walked down.

The alligator was sneakily playing incognito as it sat amongst the debris left behind by the devastating floods.

The animal’s head was just barely visible above the surface. Thankfully, however, the man did notice his reptilian visitor before the predator could get close enough. There is one frightening moment in the clip. At one point, the huge alligator makes a move toward the man; as it moves swiftly in the flood caused by Hurricane Ida.

Well, Hello There Mr. Alligator!

Thankfully, the man did notice the large and unexpected visitor before it moves towards him in the floodwaters. Just in time to avoid being the alligator’s prey!

After the man recording the shocking footage noticed the frightening reptile amid the floodwaters he stepped back. However, he was more than happy to greet the unexpected visitor. Just from a very safe distance.

The man can be heard saying “hello” to the “Mr. Alligator,” as we see him attempt to get a little, tiny bit closer to the visitor. However, the man behind the camera didn’t get too much further. The huge reptile brought in by Hurricane Ida swiftly makes its move in his direction.