Herd of Cows Escape Indiana Farm, Stampede Highway in Bizarre, ‘Joyous’ Moment

by Halle Ames

Moooove on over. Nobody can stop these cows on their mad dash for freedom.

That’s right, a herd of cows were filmed hauling down the highway after escaping from an Indiana farm on Saturday afternoon.

Melissa Kuczmanski and her son, Noah, were driving north on U.S. 35 towards their home after returning from a college visit. After passing over a hill, the sight the family witnessed from the highway was nothing like they had seen before.

Nearly 75 Holstein calves were not trotting but sprinting down the busy road and headed straight toward the Kuczmanski’s car. Melissa describes the bizarre moment as “joyous,” saying that she was hoping to see something interesting during the boring drive.

“It’s a herd of cows running directly at us in the passing lane in the opposite direction,” Kuczmanski said. “It was kind of a joyous moment; I was looking for the universe to send me some really cool wildlife sightings, and boom.”

Noah pulled the car over to give the rogue cattle some room and took out his phone to film the event. Melissa comments on how happy the cows looked to be on their unintentional joy ride.

“No one was in danger as long as you pulled over and let them pass,” she said. “They were following each other along. Not one cow was by themselves. Their eyes were bright. They looked so excited.”

Corralling the Cows

Thankfully, a nearby off-duty officer, Capt. Derek Allen was able to respond quickly to the commotion. Allen promptly got in front of the herd, switched on his police lights, and gave the parade a police escort to warn oncoming traffic.

“It’s really important to note,” Allen stated. “These cows weren’t just walking. They were at a full gallop if you will.”

The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office reports that the cows came from a farm near U.S. 35 and County Road 500 South.

A group of individuals, including Allen, LaPorte County Det. Jim Fish, firefighters, as well as surprised onlookers, came to help corral the cows.

After a lengthy battle, all the cattle were accounted for, and no humans were injured in the process. In addition, Melissa Kuczmanski got that interesting car ride she had been asking for.

“Never in my life did I imagine we’d see something like this,” Kuczmanski said. “It doesn’t sound like cows walking down the road would be fun, but it was really exciting.”

Furthermore, Capt. Allen credits the county police’s car take-home program for the citizen’s safety as well as the absence of injuries. The program allowed the officers to quickly warn and direct traffic from the danger.

“This take-home-car program is very beneficial to serving the citizens of the county, and in this specific instance, it worked out very well because I was traveling to this event in my issued vehicle, and I happened to be in the right place at the right time,” Allen said.

Still, the steaks were pretty high here. Glad the police didn’t steer them the wrong way. That would have been an udder disaster.

Sorry. I had to.