Heroic 12-Year-Old Hawaii Boy Rescues Couple Lost in Woods, Builds Them a Stretcher

by Amy Myers

A dangerous situation turned into a successful rescue thanks to this 12-year-old Outsider and his mother. On August 29, Hawaii residents, JD and Aimee, found themselves lost on a hiking trail. They had no food and no water, and it was already dark. Not to mention, their 100-pound dog, Smokey, had sustained a few cuts on his paws, making it difficult for him to walk on his own.

Thankfully, they came across 12-year-old David King and his mother, Christina, who were completing a hiking journey of their own. While JD and Aimee were only looking to complete a short hike, David and Christina were three miles away from completing a 15-mile hike that would earn David his merit badge for the Boy Scouts. Already an Outsider expert, David didn’t hesitate to help the couple and their dog.

“We asked ‘oh do you need any help?’ They said ‘yeah,’ they showed us the dog’s paws had some cuts on it. So, it hurt when the dog would walk. When the dog would walk, it would just be really painful,” David told Fox News.

The young yet incredibly knowledgable adventurist came up with the idea to create a stretcher out of the materials they had at their disposal.

“We built them a stretcher using a big tree branch that we broke in half and used our shirts and slid it on using the armholes to fit the sticks through,” David explained.

Thanks to the 12-year-old’s quick thinking, the couple was able to get rehydrated and the dog could get the care he needed. At first, though, his mother was doubtful that the pooch patient would cooperate with the plan. Fortunately, though, Smokey was “just very happy to get on the stretcher,” according to Christina.

12-Year-Old Boy Scout Shares Advice for Fellow Outsiders

Of course, carrying the 100-pound canine out three miles from the exit point was no small feat. Still, like the true and admirable Boy Scout he was, David and his team carried on.

“It was really tough, but we rotated,” David said. “Sometimes we did four people, two on each side, two people — my mom and the man — and then the dog would get off and walk some which was really helpful and let us relax.”

But the 12-year-old’s outdoor wisdom didn’t end with impromptu first aid. He also had a very vital piece of advice for any Outsiders planning on spending the day in the backcountry.

“Make sure that whenever you’re doing an activity, think of what can go wrong and how you can prevent it,” David said.

Of course, following the incident, the 12-year-old received his well-earned merit badge as well as some recognition for his help.

Our hats are off to you, David.