Hiker Fends Off Mountain Lion in Full Attack Mode by Roaring Back: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard

There are moments in your life when your innermost instincts will trigger. Like when faced with a mountain lion on a hike. That was one hiker’s fate when he was out for a little walk. Any time you’re outdoors, things could get intense. Wildlife has a way of letting humanity know that we aren’t always in charge. Luckily for this hiker, in particular, he was able to roar back at nature.

It isn’t every day that a mountain lion charges a person. Usually, these incidents occur when people get too close to dens, cubs, or otherwise infringe on the animals’ space. Whether this person was strapped with a Go-Pro or something, all that matters is we have footage of the altercation.

In the video, you can see the mountain lion ready to attack. And, you can see just how awful this story could have been.

@cbsmornings This 21-year-old hiker scared off a #mountainlion by roaring back at the animal. #hiking #california #wildlife ♬ original sound – CBS Mornings

The 21-year-old couldn’t really do much. When an animal like that comes at you, there are just a few things to do, especially if you are unarmed. Seemingly without much thought, the hiker stopped back up from the animal, stood his ground, and gave a big roar of his own. Whatever noise he made, it got the point across to the big cat.

“Fight or flight,” the hiker said to CBS. That was as good of an example as you’re going to see right there.

Mountain lions are nothing to be messed with. Although they aren’t as large as some of the big cats around the world, they are ferocious when they need to be. If all else fails, give it your best roar and see what happens.

Mountain Lion Encounters Don’t Always Have a Happy Ending

Again, mountain lions are wild animals. They are just wired a certain way and there isn’t much else you can do. If you thought your house cat hated it when you invaded its space, these larger cousins could show you a thing or two. They are designed with sharp claws and heavy, large paws. If they make contact, you’re going to feel it.

Sometimes, even though they are our best friends, our pets can get us into wildlife trouble. Dogs will often times accidentally engage wildlife or upset wild animals. But, then again, they can save our lives in the process. A woman in California last month was saved when her dog intervened on her behalf. A mountain lion wounded the dog, and it died from wounds after.

These incidents just go to show that you never know what to expect when a wild animal engages you. Sometimes you get lucky and a roar back at the beasts will send it back. Then again, it might take a dog to keep you safe and end with unfortunate results. Just be careful out there, Outsiders. Nature is no joke.