Hiker Trapped on Glacier Records Heartbreaking Message for His Mom

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

On a recent hiking adventure, one Israeli hiker found himself stuck on a glacier in southern Argentina. He ended up recording a video of himself for rescuers to send to his mother.

I know if I was on that glacier, I’d think “this was not part of my plan.”

The Story Behind Being Trapped on the Glacier

A young 23-year-old hiker, Eitan Shaked fell over 30 feet on the Ojo del Abino glacier. This caused him to suffer from several bone fractures.

A recent report said Shaked spent 24 hours on the picturesque glacier, which is one of the coldest on the planet. As a local rescuer saw his message for help on instagram, he moved quickly.

“Those who know me know that I don’t like to philosophize on social networks but this time, unfortunately, I have no choice but to write a little more,” he said in the message. “Last Wednesday I went for a walk in Ushuaia and fell about 10 meters.”

At this point, he was struggling to stay alive without the nutrients a human needs to survive.

“I waited for rescue for a day, disconnected, without taking food or water and also with my pelvis and elbow broken. When they found me I was on the verge of death from hypothermia,” he added anxiously.

The Result of the Fall

Afterward, he was flown to Ushuaia Regional Hospital where he got treatment for his hypothermia and fractures.

Following up with his followers he wrote, “I don’t understand how I didn’t die.” He asked the rescuers to take his recording and show his mother. He had no idea he would survive this tragedy.

While Shaked was in the hospital, Federico De La Torre, a well-known firefighter said he was very lucky. “At the time of the accident, the day is very beautiful and the night isn’t cold,” he says.

After all the treatments, he thanks the rescuers for everything and goes home to his mother.

“I left Israel when I finished my miliary service. There I decided to go around the world, South America in particular. In fact, my dream was to visit Antarctica and Ushuaia where I read a lot of books. But a few days after arriving in Argentina I suffered the accident that I thought would end everything for me,” he mentioned later on instagram.

Shaked learned a lot from this incident, from not traveling alone to always being aware of his surroundings.

Witnessing a Tragedy for the Second Time

Eitan Shaked is also a cancer survivor. This glacier accident had him dealing with death for the second time. And he admits that it’s not an easy thing.

“Take care of yourself and be responsible,” he says. “A piece of advice for all travelers: Fly on your trip, but try not to fly off your trip.”

The moral of the story is to not stop exploring the world, but to take precautions with everything you do. The world can be dangerous, but not impossible.