Hikers With 10 Month Old Baby Rescued After Getting Stranded on Snowy Utah Trail

by Megan Molseed
Getty Images

Rescuers came to the aid of a group of hikers and a 10-month old baby this weekend after the hikers were left stranded along a Utah trail. Authorities are saying the hikers were “unprepared” for the conditions along their chosen route when they set out for the weekend hike.

The group found themselves stranded along a Utah hiking trail as sunset was about to set in. Thankfully, however, crews were able to reach the group in time. Rescuing the hikers – and the infant – from their terrifying ordeal.

The Hikers Were Exploring A Out-Back Trail Known For Its Challenging Terrain

When the group, which consisted of four adults and a 10 month-old baby, set out for the weekend hike they had no idea the ordeal they were about to face. The group was hiking along a popular 7-mile trail within Utah’s Dry Canyon about 35 miles south of Saltlake City. However, they soon found themselves veering off the trail. To make matters worse, snowy conditions were blowing in. This, of course, made it more difficult for the group to find their bearings.

Thankfully, the group was able to contact 9-1-1 via cellphone shortly before 6 p.m. that evening. And, the Utah County Sheriff Search and Rescue notes, crews were quickly deployed to search for the stranded hikers.

According to reports, rescue crews believe the group of hikers had gotten “off course,” while hiking. While trying to find their way back, the hikers instead “found themselves in difficult and snowy terrain near Big Baldy.”

Authorities Say Hikers Were Unprepared When Hiking Utah Trails

In the statement released to Facebook shortly after the rescue, the Utah County Sheriff Search and Rescue notes that the hikers made the “right decision to call for help.” According to the rescue teams, the group was unprepared for the conditions. And, with sunset approaching, they needed to find their way off the snowy trails.

“Unprepared for the conditions and aware sunset was encroaching, the hikers made the right decision to call for help,” the Facebook post notes. It took just three hours for rescuers to find, and rescue, the stranded group of hikers. According to the team, the group was flown from the area to safety by the rescue teams.

“SAR team members found the group tired, cold and struggling with the elements,” the update notes.

“Life Flight assisted with the extraction of the hikers and the infant,” the message continues. “As always, we are grateful for their collaboration and rescue efforts.”