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Hikers Capture Wild Moment Mountain Lion Pounces on Deer at Big Bend National Park Trail: VIDEO

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Usually, when you see a predator crouching just a few feet away, you’re getting ready to play dead or run the other way. But in this instance, these Big Bend National Park hikers knew that the deer was this mountain lion’s target, not them.

While mountain lions are truly skilled hunters, it’s rare that we actually catch them in action. They tend to be rather shy when it comes to humans, preferring to watch us rather than the other way around. In this instance, though, it’s possible that the big cat was too hungry or even too young to care if it had an audience. On March 26, the mountain lion crossed the hiking trail in front of the Big Bend tourists on the Pinnacles Trail, careful not to spook the deer just a few yards away hidden in the Texas brush.

The predatory animal took its time stalking the prey, not paying any mind to the hikers close by.

“I’m not taking my eyes off this guy,” the voice behind the camera shared. “He wants nothing to do with us.”

Finally, the mountain lion pounces, and in a few swift moves has its prey. Watch the hunt below:


In the comments of the video, viewers couldn’t believe how close the hikers could get to the big cat during this amazing encounter.

“That was Awesome! A real once in a lifetime moment caught perfectly. Seriously perfect distance and the fact that you were so calm..they pick up on their surroundings vibes so to speak.And he was so comfortable he was locked in on that deer ! You see him do the butt shake thing just before pouncing..very cool,” one viewer wrote.

Fellow Hikers Catch Second Act of Mountain Lion Hunting Down Deer

As it turns out, these hikers weren’t the only ones at Big Bend to witness the attack. On the other side of the dry brush, a separate group touring the Texas lands in a Bronco caught the second half of the hunt, when the mountain lion killed the deer.

They, too, caught the encounter on camera.

“In this video, we venture off into Big Bend National Park. We stayed there for two nights, once at Ernst Tanaja, and then at McKinney Spring, both off of Old Ore Road! We hiked the South Rim Trail, and also attempted the Black Gap Road in our Bronco,” the visitors shared with the clip.

“The Mountain Lion attacking the deer had to have been one of the craziest experiences of our lives,” the cameraperson continued. “We loved the park though, and will absolutely return in the future!”

Watch the second act of nature taking its course below. But be warned, it’s much more graphic than the first clip: