Hold Me Closer Tiny Spider? This Small Spider Looks Like Elton John

by Evan Reier

Alright folks, drop whatever you’re doing and do something nice for yourself. We got a spider that looks like Elton John.

Look, we’re spider-averse sometimes too. The creepy-crawly arachnids are a vital part of the world’s ecosystem, but that doesn’t make them any less weird. Or scary, depending on the spider and who you ask. But if there’s ever an exception, it’s this little guy.

We don’t want to hear any arguments. Those giant eyes make for a perfect set of Elton John’s classic flashy sunglasses, and the black “hair” on top is just perfect.

And the true kicker is the movement of the front appendages called pedipalps. If that doesn’t look like the British legend dancing his hands along the keys, you might want to get your eyes checked. We’re fully expecting this eight-legged dude to bust into a rousing rendition of “Bennie and the Jets.”

Or would it be “Bennie and the Webs” on this one? Sorry y’all, that’s the best parody I come up with. Other than “Saturday Night’s Alright for Spid-ing.”

Moving on, if you want to see this spider or other ones like it, you’ll have to head Down Under. Per the New York Post, this spider was spotted in Gin Gin, Australia. Who knows, maybe there is an entire spider colony of look-alike rockers.

Spider Colony Found in Way-Too-Calm Woman’s Home

We could genuinely sit here and write bad spider puns all day, but that’s not what anyone wants. Instead, let’s get back to our relationship with spiders as we know it: being creeped out or scared by the little things.

And where do we head to make that transition? You guessed it, back Down Under. A woman discovered a group of baby spiders in her daughter’s room and her response was… unconventional to say the least.

In the video, the woman is way less concerned than you’d expect, and that’s probably due to the plethora of spiders they have in Australia. Still, we’d expect a little less joking and a little more squirming.

“They’re so cute!” the woman squealed. She also also added a sarcastic, “Should we burn the house down?”

She may be joking, but let’s be real, that’s not an off-the-table option if your house is taken over by spiders. Either you let them have the place or you burn it down and start over.

Further, the spiders found in her daughter’s room were huntsman spiders. Huntsman spiders don’t spin webs, and instead focus on hunting small insects and killing them with their venom directly. Y’know, as friendly little spiders do.

Did we mention the ones above are babies? Like they’re going to get even bigger? But yeah, sure, they’re just a bunch of cheerful new roommates.