WATCH: Hoover Dam Rocked by Major Explosion

by Jonathan Howard

As drought and high temperatures plague the region, the Hoover Dam experienced a very unfortunate event earlier today. The news came out as tourists captured the event on video as the dam was shaken by an explosion. While the fire was extinguished at the scene, it was quite a moment to catch on camera. Even with the quick handling of the situation, it is still a serious matter.

According to the Bureau of Reclamation, a transformer caught on fire. There were no injuries to any persons – employees or tourists. With the water levels of Lake Mead at never seen before levels, officials hope no more incidents like this happen.

By the time the local fire department responded to the scene, the fire was out. Thankfully, those on the scene only needed about half an hour in order to extinguish the flames. It was quite the scene for the folks that were on top of the dam, watching from above. As you can see from the video, they were shocked and more than a little worried.

In a statement, Michelle Helms of the Bureau of Reclamation said, “There are no injuries to visitors or employees. There is no risk to the power grid and power is still being generated from the powerhouse. We are investigating the cause of the fire and will provide additional updates as they are available.”

It is unclear if the low water levels and higher demand for power are to blame for the explosion or if it is something else entirely. The investigation will reveal more in time. With no injuries and no further damage, it feels like a good outcome despite the situation overall at the Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam Remains Still Producing Power and Clean Water Despite Explosion

Since there aren’t going to be any power issues after the explosion, folks in the area that desperately depend on the dam will be able to feel some relief. The Hoover Dam provides power and water to millions of people. It is one of the great American projects that turned an otherwise dry and inhospitable region into a vibrant and liveable place.

Finished in 1936, the building of the dam took almost five full years. It was a project that was given seven years to be completed. Despite being built in the middle of the Great Depression, the Hoover Dam was a symbol of American ingenuity, engineering, and more. The explosion today is a reminder of just how important the structure is to so many people.

Thankfully, the Hoover Dam proved to be resilient despite the explosion. Officials will get to the bottom of things and release their findings in time. Let’s just hope no more booms go off at this national landmark and important piece of infrastructure.