House of 100 Snakes in California Has Colony of Pacific Rattlers Removed

by Keeli Parkey

Here’s a story that is straight out of a nightmare for many people. It’s something many of us could only imagine – and fear. Unfortunately, it became a reality for a homeowner in California. Let’s just say that her house will now be known as the “House of 100 Snakes.”

So, what earned this California home that dubious name? Well, according to the television station KRON, on Oct. 2 a woman who resides in Santa Rosa called the Sonoma County Reptile Rescue to remove snakes from her property.

“Just how many snakes did she have there?” you might be asking yourself. “Was it two or five or 10? Surely it can’t be more than that.”

Well, here’s some news that will shock many of you. There were more than 90 snakes discovered at her home. Let’s say that again: More. Than. 90. Snakes. Were. Found. Under. Her. Home.

The day after the woman called the Sonoma County Reptile Rescue Al Wolf, the organization’s director, arrived at her residence. In order to capture the snakes, Wolf had to go under the woman’s Santa Rosa home.

At first, Wolf found one adult snake. Then, he found another and another. Then, he came across many, many baby snakes. And more. And more. Turns out, there was a den living under the woman’s California home. The adults had been reproducing.

During his first visit to the home, Wolf found 22 adult snakes and 59 babies. That task took him four hours. He later went back and during those return visits, he discovered 11 more. That’s a total of 92 snakes.

After the creatures were captured, Wolf identified them as Northern Pacific Rattlers. That type is a very deadly breed known to Northern California.

The homeowner has not been identified by name. She has said that she did not want her name to be on the record because she was afraid that her neighbors would panic when they became aware of the den that was located on her property.

Man Who Removed More Than 90 Snakes from a California Home Described the Process as ‘Exciting’

In the days after he removed the snakes from the property, Al Wolf shared details of his experience during an interview with SFGate.

“I’ve been doing this 32 years. I get calls with snakes under the house pretty often. The most I’ve done under a house is four or five,” Wolf explained.

While most of us would feel fear coming face to face with so many snakes, that isn’t the case for Wolf. In fact, he said he felt the situation was “exciting.”

“You go under the first part of the house and there’s storage and then it goes into the area that’s tight and you have to crawl into it and you can smell the rattlesnake smell. It’s the smell of their droppings. I got in, and I smelled that and it’s like when you smell popcorn and you go ‘Oh!’ Right away, I knew I might have something special and I was hoping … and occasionally your hopes come true,” he explained.