How to Clean Up Christmas Decorations, Outsider-Style: Watch Us Blast Ornaments With Air Rifle

by Josh Lanier

Pulling down and packing up the Christmas ornaments is by far the worst part of the holiday season. But Outsider’s Abby Casey has a way to brighten up your tinsel tear down. Just shoot the ornaments with an air rifle.

Casey has tackled how to make ornaments out of shotgun shells or finding the best gifts for the hunters or anglers in your life. She has even carved a Christmas tree with a chainsaw. But now she’s bringing her enthusiasm for all things outdoors to help you round out your holiday festivities.

It’s time “to have some backyard fun with an air-gun,” Casey says in the video.

And she does, firing her .25 caliber RAW HM1000x air rifle at a variety of Christmas gear. That includes blowing apart some Christmas balls, exploding some ornaments, and blowing a hole through a carton of egg nog. A string of Christmas lights makes for a fun run of targets to work your way down.

“For something so simple,” Casey said after drilling a candy cane with a pellet, “this is way too much fun.”

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