How a West Virginia Bowhunter Bagged a Legendary 220-Inch Ohio Buck

by Megan Molseed

He was certainly a legend in his area. One that would often show up for appearances to fascinated onlookers and photographers. With a massive rack that put some major record-breakers to shame, this Ohio buck quickly became a legend among the locals and visitors to the area. And, for one dedicated hunter, he is now an unforgettable trophy that will be cherished for generations to come.

It was just last year when West Virginia Bowhunter Jamie Ferguson took an interest in tracking down this impressive buck. He and a friend had caught their first glimpse of the deer earlier that summer.

“Everyone knew of him and he was not camera shy at all,” Jamie Ferguson explains. “Once the season came in, I don’t know how, but he seemed to elude everyone.”

While Ferguson had only set his sites on the massive buck for a year, he soon learned that the impressive animal had become somewhat of an area legend.

“If you talked to anyone, especially anyone who hunted the area, they couldn’t believe the deer was still alive,” the hunter explains.

“I guess he had, from what I’ve been told, a pretty good travel size area,” Ferguson continues. “People would see him all over.”

Local Man Sets Sights On Impressive Buck

To hunt down the amazing deer, Ferguson set up trail cams around the properties on which he was hunting.

“I had trail cams scattered around this new piece of property that I felt was his bedroom and we picked him up pretty immediately on the trail cam,” Ferguson tells Petersen’s Bowhunting.

“He was very visible during daylight hours,” the hunter adds.

“There was a certain date where I had him five different times on trail camera in the daylight,” Jamie continues. “And it was that way for probably a month.”

Then, the hunter faced some brief disappointment when the deer seemed to vanish after showing up on the trail cams regularly for weeks. He did return, but these appearances were becoming few and far between.

“I knew at that point if he showed back up again, my window was going to be a 2- or 3-day window to have an opportunity to harvest him,” the bow hunter explains.

“He came in directly downwind from me,” Ferguson recalls. Adding the massive buck was just yards away and getting closer.

“He was probably 35 or 40 yards (out) when I first saw him and he was closing the distance,” he adds. “He was just kind of out cruising and I shot him at about 18 yards.”

The shot certainly hit the impressive deer. However, it did not stop him for quite a while.

“He was walking really, really slow,” Ferguson says.

“It was having a hard time; you could tell the deer was hurt really bad,” Jamie adds. “He went about 75 yards into the thicket and I lost him. I just couldn’t see him anymore.”

This Is Where It Get’s Interesting!

Ferguson and neighboring landowners spent days tracking the buck down. However, the search was beginning to become fruitless, it seemed.

“At that point, I determined that the crows or buzzards were going to be my best friends from here on out,” the hunter explains.

But, soon he received a call from an area landowner who had found the beautiful trophy, ready to claim.

“He asked me, ‘Do you want your deer? We found it,’” said Ferguson. “That was probably one of the best phone calls I ever received.”