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Huge Alligator With Only 3 Feet Interrupts Play on Florida Golf Course

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Ben Jared/PGA TOUR via Getty Images)

Though it only had three feet, a Florida alligator managed to interrupt the game on the golf course. Several golfers on the course briefly paused their play over the weekend. Have to let the gator cross the fairway, after all, right?

Anyway, let’s see what For the Win USA Today has to say about this story.

Shared on Facebook on Monday by Matt Devitt WINK Weather, viewers watch as the gator slowly makes its way across the fairway. However, one golfer realizes that the reptile is handicapped. “He’s missing a foot,” the golfer says.

Devitt’s caption reads, “HUGE FLORIDA GATOR! Check out this big boy walking across a Bonita Bay golf course this past weekend from a WINK viewer. Welcome to Jurassic Park!”

Many might find the huge reptile plotting its next move on the field the main focus. However, viewers can see the golfers in the back more focused on their next move in the golf game.

One social media user even pointed this out. “Amazing creatures. Real-life dino. Love the way Floridians don’t take any notice of it and carry on playing golf like it’s normal!”

According to the comments under the video, most Facebook users aren’t too frightened by the event. If anything, several of the users used the opportunity to drop some Florida alligator knowledge.

“It’s mating season,” one Facebook user revealed. “Anyone who’s lived or spent significant time in Florida will probably witness something like this. Give these big gators plenty of room, and they’ll usually ignore you unless you’re another gator looking for a date!”

Well, Outsiders, it sounds like these scaly creatures don’t plan on avoiding golf course walks any time soon. As someone shared in the comments, if you don’t bother the animals, then they won’t bother you.

Man Bathing Albino Alligator Goes Viral on TikTok

While Florida alligators don’t plan to stop venturing onto golf courses anytime soon, an albino South Carolinian gator gets a special spa treatment.

Earlier this month, a baby albino alligator named Coconut goes viral on TikTok and we couldn’t get enough of it. When animal caretaker Jay Brewer gently scratched the adorable animal’s back, the look on her face told viewers how much she enjoyed the special treatment. After pouring a little bit of water on her back, Brewer scrubs with a brush. This leads little Coconut to close her eyes and flash a smile.

According to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s zoo, Alligator Adventure, albino alligators rock the pale color they do because they can’t produce any melanin in their skin. “This genetic defect gives their skin a yellowish-white appearance and the eyes generally cast a pinkish hue due to the visible blood vessels in the colorless irises.” Unfortunately, this makes them easy targets for predators in the wild. These unique creatures are also more sensitive to sunlight, which could easily burn their sensitive skin.