Huge Bear ‘Mocks The Way We Walk’ Strutting By Humans in Concerning Video

by Jon D. B.

The concerning clip shows a rare, remarkably human behavior from the giant brown bear – much to the amazement of a gaggle of tourists.

All Outsiders know that bears can stand on their hind legs, and will do so often. From scratching that itch they just can’t reach on a tree, to taking in sights and smells, to showing their size and intimidating foes, it’s a well-documented behavior across most species that holds many meanings. But would one ever walk by a busload of gobsmacked tourists of its own volition? Probably not.

Yet here we are, with the resurfacing of a clip that shows an enormous brown bear waltzing this very scenario. Within, James Gunn, known for the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films, provides the caption for the bear’s strut:

“Dude just straight up mocking the way we walk,” tweets the Hollywood director. While amusing for these tourists, and for most social media users at first glance, we can only hope this behavior is not the result of years of unpleasant training for the brown bear – or worse.

Brown Bears and Humans: A Hard Relationship

While footage exists of tragic, malnourished bears walking on their hind legs in discomfort, the bear seen here appears of a healthy weight and shiny coat. Secondly, this clip most certainly doesn’t originate in the United States. No zoological park in America would ever set up a scenario this preposterous (for so many reasons).

As such, we can assume two things: the bear was most likely trained to walk this way -which is never the ideal bear & human relationship – And the clip comes from overseas.

Upon further research, both turn out to be “true” – by internet standards, of course. News giant The Daily Mail UK previously reported on this clip. Within, they report the bear as being a “resident” of Everland Resort, South Korea. The article begins with these bullet points – none of which are surprising:

  • The brown bear staggered past the bus at Everland Resort, South Korea
  • It passed just inches from the vehicle’s side causing a lot of noise from tourists
  • The theme park has previously faced scrutiny for its animal welfare standards

“In the video, taken by @nurulshaz1nimds, the bear is seen walking on its back legs down the concrete road towards the bus while shaking its arms from side to side, before passing just inches from the vehicle’s side,” Daily Mail continues.

“She can be heard screaming ‘Oh my god! Look!’ before wailing as the animal passes,” they cite of the original footage.

“Tourists are also shown sticking their phone cameras out at the bear to get a dream snap.”

There we have it. Meanwhile, in the United States, bear encounters look much more like thisor this.