Watch: Huge Bull Elk Faceplants Hopping Over Fence in Pursuit of Female Elk

by Jon D. B.

“When 2020 drops you on your face, make like this bull elk during the rut & get back up!”

Wiser words have never been spoken. The quote comes courtesy of UtahDWR on twitter after sharing a raucous clip of a one-track bull elk.

The impressive gent can be seen sprinting with quite a strut. Such a strut, in fact, that he fails to “notice biologist Brian Maxfield in his truck nearby… or the fence.”

Once the elk meets the fence, however, he’s in for a hard faceplant. Thankfully – and hilariously – he looks up immediately, unharmed, as if he’s checking to see if “anyone saw that”…

2020: “Make like this elk during the rut & get back up”

So what has this big ol’ bull so flustered that he can’t see the fence for the trees? One word: Rut.

In simpler terms, “rut” means mating season for mammals like this elk. Rut for his Utah species begins in early September – and will continue on through mid-October. During this intense period, the males – or bulls – of elk, moose, deer, and the like, will trumpet mating calls and put on fierce competitions for mates. It gets downright vicious.

For a bull elk, however, it’s all worth the effort. A successful bull can form a harem (affectionately known as a “lady herd” to wildlife technicians) of 20 – or more – females. That large “lady herd” earns the alpha males both eternal bragging rights as well as the beginning of a large family.

Bull elk with a mighty strut – What a recovery:

Perhaps the best part of the inspiring footage comes not during but after his fall. This bull’s manliness is in full-swing, and he has no lack of strut to show it. After his fence-bound faceplant and recovery, this gent pops right back up. Then, without hesitation, he struts his majestic self right on across the road as if nothing ever happened.

If you ask us, whatever cow this bull elk is pursuing will be lucky to have him. What a trooper.

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