Huge Crocodile Bites Man During Adventure Cruise

by Michael Freeman

While generally safe, adventure cruises always carry a bit of risk. In a recent case, that risk became a nightmare after a huge crocodile bit a man, seriously injuring him.

While aboard an adventure cruise along a river known for “jumping crocs,” a crocodile bit a 60-year-old man. The massive crocodile spanned three to four meters and bit the man’s arm, causing “heavy bleeding.” The cruise took place on the infamous Adelaide River, near Darwin, Australia.

Paramedics received an emergency call at 3:30 p.m. yesterday to assist the man near Arnhem Highway. The man’s “heavy bleeding” had to be controlled with a pressure bandage bystanders applied for him. He was later driven to Palmerston Hospital where he received surgery and is now in stable condition.

St. John Ambulance NT operations manager Craig Garraway recalled the incident to Daily Mail UK. “My understanding is a male there has been on a cruise of some sort … and somehow has ended up having his hand bitten by what appears to be a three or four-meter crocodile.”

NT Police Senior Sargeant Richard Howie also spoke about how dangerous the area is. “Anyone out on the water should be really aware and obviously be safe when it comes to being in their territory.”

Authorities are unaware of which cruise the attack occurred on. However, a spokeswoman for one of the river’s longest-running crocodile tours, Original Adelaide River Queen Jumping Crocodile Cruises, assures officials it did not happen on one of their cruises.

Notably, crocodile attacks occur frequently along the Adelaide River. For instance, last month, a crocodile partially bit a 28-year-old man’s toes off. In 2014, a crocodile took a 57-year-old fisherman with it into the water while he was releasing a snagged hook.

Authorities Find Missing Fisherman Remains Inside Crocodile

As previously stated, some areas of Australia are incredibly dangerous when it comes to crocodile attacks. Horrifically, earlier this year, authorities found a missing fisherman’s remains inside a massive crocodile.

Australian news outlets report Andrew Heard went fishing on an island earlier this year and never returned. During the investigation, authorities eventually found human remains inside of a 13.8-foot crocodile. This discovery happened after catching and killing the crocodile. Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES) captured and dispatched it, along with a 10-foot crocodile also connected with Heard.

Though it may seem strange to kill two crocodiles, the Queensland Police says both were near Heard when he went missing. Andrew Cowie of the Queensland Police explained the dangers of the area in a news conference. “I believe that we’ve got the two crocodiles involved. This is a tragic incident. It’s very important that people are always aware of their circumstances. Anywhere in the north, if you’re in the bush, you have snakes, and if you’re on the water, you have crocodiles.”

Cowie concluded by telling people to ensure they inform others if they are going to dangerous areas.