Huge Grizzly Bear Being Returned to the Wild Bulldozes Trail Cam at Full Sprint in Terrifying Video

by Jon D. B.

Wildlife photographer Aaron Teasdale just “figured out the hard way” where not to put his camera when filming a grizzly bear returning to the wild.

What’s 700+ pounds, near impossible to kill, and bulldozing straight for the camera? That’d be this 22-year-old boar grizzly after relocation. Someone was clearly eager to get back out there!

“Montana-based writer and photographer Aaron Teasdale has been exploring the toothier corners of the world with pen and camera in hand for two decades,” begins NatureIsMetal on Instagram of the wild footage.

The trade describes Teasdale as one who “specializes in safe-ish adventures in wild places where he’s pushed way down the food chain.” Confused by what that means, too?

“He’s been charged by bears, sprayed by humpback whales while paddleboarding, caught by avalanches in wild mountains, skiing with wolverines, threaded a herd of giraffes on a mountain bike, and surrounded by howling wolves at night alone in Glacier Park,” the post continues. Ah, got it. Sounds less safe-ish and far more what we’d expect from someone with Teasdale’s incredible resume!

While on a project for National Sierra Club, however, Teasdale set up his camera in a most unfortunate position. At least, he did in the opinion of this absolutely enormous male grizzly bear. Take a look:

“As I figured out the hard way, be mindful of where you put your camera and tripod when filming a grizzly bear being returned to the wild,” Teasdale narrates tongue-in-cheek in his own footage.

Grizzly Bear

There’s no sound on earth like the immensely deep breaths of a grizzly, is there? It’s instantly recognizable, and one our brains are programmed to fear. Teasdale says the enormous boar had its way with his gear, but thankfully he was nowhere near this charge.

It’s incredible to watch, but as a fellow wildlife photographer – ouch for his gear! That’s probably the most expensive mouthful this grizzly will ever have in his lifetime.

After years of encountering bears in the wild, Teasdale would land this grizzly bear assignment with Sierra Magazine. Within, he helps to document the expansion of Montana’s grizzlies into lands they haven’t called home in 100 years. As his home state, the work is near and dear to his grizzly-bear-sized heart.

As for the boar himself, he’s a 22-year-old grizzly who holds a habit of raiding chicken coops. He’s been busy earning himself a free relocation, in other words. And once the door on his transport opens, the big boy is out like a rocket.

Somehow, Teasdale’s camera would be in working order after the ordeal alongside him being able to salvage this fantastic footage. He does say, however, that his gear is now complete with grizzly bear teeth marks.

That just makes the gear ten times cooler in Outsider’s book, Aaron. Well done, sir, and keep up the fantastic work!