Hunter Bags Buck That Has Massive Tangle in Horns

by Shelby Scott

Deer hunting season is off to a good start for many hunters across the country. That is, despite the growing cases of EHD infecting numerous whitetails nationwide. The deer-centric disease is fortunately not harmful to humans. Although it has caused disadvantages in the hunting community nationally. Regardless of current conditions, one Minnesota hunter managed to bag an impressive nine-point buck with quite the tangle in its antlers.

Last weekend, MN hunter Cameron Maurer had been out with his bow when he caught sight of an interesting deer. Prior to bagging it, the hunter shared with Outdoor News his deer and an opponent had been sparring about 100 yards away. Being that rut is in full swing, there should be no surprise there.

However, soon after the pair called off their original battle, the younger buck came back. Contrastly, Maurer stated the elder, bigger buck had no ambition to entertain the other. As the larger buck neared, the hunter could tell something was off. He noticed he had a mass tangle of nylon rope, hay bale twine, and fencing wrapped up in his antlers. As if that weren’t bad enough, the hunter noticed the rope also ensnared the animal’s neck and mouth.

Maurer noted the buck was lethargic, out of breath, and lacked an interest in eating. At that point, he knew he had to put the animal out of its misery.

Later, after harvesting the deer, he shared all of the meat was in good shape despite the deer’s malnourished condition. Now, the hard work has been completed. Maurer aims to have the nine-point buck mounted, tangled mess left in tact upon the animal’s rack.

Buck Rut Leads to Uptake in Deer Collisions

Humans and white-tailed deer have tried to co-inhabit both rural and urban areas as long as we can remember. As such, collisions between the two entities have become inevitable. However, as this season kicks off rut, we will surely see an uptake in bucks pursuing does, those same animals colliding with drivers across the nation.

Because of this, Missouri law enforcement begs motorists to be incredibly cautious when on the road this time of year. Reports from 2020 saw an astounding 3,639 automobile/deer collisions, resulting in five deaths and more than 300 injuries.

In response to the mass number of accidents, MO authorities have provided motorists helpful tips to keep themselves safe as bucks continue their search for partners this fall.

They encourage gradual deceleration upon seeing deer near roadways, giving individuals time to react without immediate consequences. Authorities also said because the animals travel in groups, motorists should be aware of multiple bucks and does when spotting an individual. At night, much like cats, the animals’ eye reflect in headlights, so keeping an eye open for those sorts of sightings is important.

Overall, however, due to the combined rut and hunting seasons, drivers across America should remain alert for potential deer sightings near roadways.