Hunter Captures Video From Tree Stand of Rattlesnakes Fighting On a Cactus

by Jennifer Shea

A Texas hunter out bow hunting stumbled across two male rattlesnakes fighting on a prickly pear cactus patch.

The rattlesnakes were sparring over a female rattlesnake beneath her tree, the Charlotte Observer reported. 

Hunter, Meet Rattlesnakes

Leanna Dunk Gray hails from Abilene, Texas. The hunter happened upon the snakes in the San Angelo area, southwest of Fort Worth, and videotaped the deathmatch. Texas Parks and Wildlife posted the video to its Facebook page on Monday.

The snake fight “ended up ruining the first day of bow season for me,” Gray told the Observer. “I did not stick around.”

According to Texas Parks & Wildlife regulations, bow season for deer begins on October 3 and runs through November 6. 

Mother Nature in Action

The comments on the video ran the gamut from excited about Mother Nature to suggesting “a 410 will put an end to that.”

“I bet they’re wishing they had arms,” Monica Turay quipped.

“Do they ever bite each other?” Michelle Schuettenhelm wondered.

“Saw this occur many years ago at a deer lease in south Texas,” Mark Lee Allen posted. “Two six footers. Was cool to watch. Never once thought of shooting them. No reason to. Would be ignorant to do so.”

“I have seen that!!!” Joe Heidelmeier chimed in. “Right outside my cabin door on the place I hunt!!! Lots of buzzin’ too!”

This was not the first rattlesnake fight to be captured on video this year. In February, a hiker in Pismo Preserve ran into two rattlesnakes battling it out.

The preserve is near Pismo Beach, California. The hiker discovered the rattlesnakes on the Discovery Trail, the San Luis Obispo Tribune reported.

The woman said she saw five snakes in five minutes while she was walking that trail. The Friends of Pismo Preserve reposted the video and suggested that – like the snakes in Texas – the video showed two male snakes locked in ritual combat.