Hunter with Cerebral Palsy Gets Back on the Trail After Hunting Guides Gift ATV Wheelchair

by Quentin Blount

Being a hunter is a tradition for so many of us here in the United States and around the world. But there’s no question that some of us have it easier than others.

Lance Tebben of Montevideo, Minnesota, was born with cerebral palsy — a condition that affects his ability to move and maintain his balance and posture. As you can probably imagine, hunting would be a tall task for someone with this condition. But it never stopped Lance from developing a love of the outdoors. There’s nothing quite as thrilling as actually getting a nice kill, but what’s more important to him is the time with his family and friends.

“I just like the fresh air and being out with friends and family,” he told CBS Minnesota.

Despite his limitations, Lance has become a very successful hunter in his own right.

“I’ve gotten a deer every year I’ve been out,” he said. “And last year I got a 14-point buck.”

But there are still the mobility issues he faces. He has to be pushed around in his typical wheelchair that isn’t designed for any kind of hunting use. So, Chuck Ellingson of Watson Hunting Camp had an idea to do something special for Lance.

“Just trying to pull Lance in this chair here, it was just really hard. That’s why we said, ‘hey, let’s try and do something for the kid.'”

They started a fundraiser to help purchase an all-terrain-powered wheelchair. It quickly took off and received more than $13,000. Lowell Tebben, Lance’s dad, was there when his son got his brand-new gift. He said it was an awesome experience to witness.

“Awesome, he had a smile from ear to ear.”

Lance Tebben Is a Happy Hunter

There doesn’t seem to be anyone who deserves such an amazing gift more than Lance Tebben. He’s never let his condition get the best of him and now he has a new ATV to show for it.

“I was so happy when I heard they were getting one of these for me. It’s pretty awesome,” Lance said. “It makes me feel like I’m very important. I couldn’t stop smiling and I still can’t stop smiling.”

Meanwhile, it wasn’t just Lance and his dad that were happy for the new ride. Lance’s mom, Pam Tebben, was ecstatic as well. She expressed her gratitude to everyone that helped bring together this great act of kindness.

“I’m thankful to all of the people that donated and businesses and everything. Thanks for making this happen for him.”

Action Manufacturing is the company that made the chair designed with the hunter in mind. And it was spokesperson Nathan Rud who had the job of delivering the chair to him.

“Here we are today delivering a chair to Lace, all based off a dream. This is 100-percent off-road. There isn’t much that’s going to stop it.”