Hunter Comforts Deer Hit By Car Laying in the Middle of the Road: VIDEO

by Lauren Boisvert

In a truly heartbreaking video out of Iowa, a hunter who went outdoors in the early morning hours found a deer hit by a car in the middle of the road. She decided to stay with the deer, and try and figure out what to do with her. The hunter posted a video on TikTok of the incident last year, sharing the moment with her audience.

“PSA If you hit a deer be sure they run into the woods or take care of them, it’s your responsibility,” the hunter–a woman named Caelyn who goes by on TikTok–captioned her video. In the video itself, she included captions as well, explaining what was happening. PSA If you hit a deer be sure they run into the woods or take care of them, it’s your responsibility #deer #iowa #psa #heartbreak #sad #fyp #viral ♬ Easy On Me – Adele

Hunter Found Injured Deer in Middle of Road, Urged Drivers to Take ‘Responsibility’

“I went out to go hunting this morning and found this doe laying in the middle of the road,” she wrote over the video of the doe covered in her jacket. There was a little bit of blood on the ground, but nothing noticeable on the deer. “She was hit by a car and left alive,” the captions continued. “She was so soft. I sat with her for an hour waiting for an answer on what to do. This broke my heart.” Unfortunately, there’s no update on what happened to the deer, or what the extent of the injuries were.

This whole incident reminds me of a 1998 poem called “Travelling through the Dark” by William E. Stafford. In the poem, the speaker sees a dead deer by the side of the road. As he goes to push it into the canyon, he feels the warmth of a fawn inside the deer’s belly. She is pregnant, but the fawn will never be born. The speaker wrestles with what to do, then eventually pushed the body into the canyon.

What To Do if You Hit a Deer With Your Car

According to Hearts Afire Deer Rehabilitation and Rescue, cars hit over 1.5 million deer every year. Deer usually surprise drivers at night by coming out of dark bushes or tree lines; there’s little or no time to react. Not many deer survive collisions, but sometimes they do; they either escape, injured, back into the brush, or are incapacitated but alive.

If you hit a deer and it’s still alive, it’s important to remain calm. Hearts Afire recommends reporting the incident like a regular car accident, by calling 911. Also, contacting insurance is a good idea. Then, check on the animal if it’s still on the scene. If a deer limps or drags its hind legs, it most likely has a spinal injury, says Hearts Afire. It must be euthanized. A few scrapes and bruises, and a center can most likely rehabilitate the deer. You should then look up the local specialized animal rehabilitation center in whatever area you’re in.