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Hunters Found Safe After Two Days Missing in Woods

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Jose A. Bernat Bacete Moment/ Getty Images)

Two hunters that have been missing for two days in Murray County, Georgia, have been found safe by police.

As of Monday night, the hunters were found to be safe and are being checked out by medical personnel, says Sheriff Gary Langford.

The men, 36-year-old Derick Owens and 26-year-old Matthew Massingill went out on a hunting trip on Saturday morning on Grassy Mountain in Chatsworth. They never returned from their trip.

Search Effort for Missing Hunters

Search teams from Murray Country in Georgia combed through areas of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest for two days before finding them later on Monday night.

Kenny Owens, an uncle to both the missing men, also helped with the search efforts. Owens said it is easy to become lost in the woods.

“They just got turned around and twisted around in these woods, and it’s easy to do.”

As an avid hunter, Owens said he would be a help to the search teams.

“I have hunted this area quite a bit,” said Owens, according to WRCB TV. “I’m more familiar with it to see if I can help them find them.”

The search effort consisted of people on foot, riding horses, and four-wheelers, and helicopters who circled the area for hours.

The Directory of the Murray County EMA and Fire Chief, Dewayne Bain, said that they had no leads on the men’s location as of Sunday morning.

“We came up yesterday [Sunday] morning, and we’ve run some roads out and trails. We haven’t had any success. We’ve got several thousand acres of mountain that we could be potentially looking at.”

In addition, Bain said this disappearance is the third one to happen this fall so far. However, he added that there is no pattern for how often people go missing or how quickly officials find them.

“We’ve been up here a week at a time, and we’ve been here hours,” said Bain. “So it’s just every situation’s different.”

Owens and his family also wanted to extend their gratitude for all the volunteers and officials that helped bring the two men home for the holidays.